Saturday, January 9, 2010


What does a girl do when she and her husband decide they might want babies sometime in the next year or so?  Gets ahold of as many soft moldy cheese, wines and liquor as she can!  

Tonight we've had:

  1. Midnight Moon Goat's Cheese----yum!
  2. a half glass of burgundy
  3. Toscano Salami---oh so delicious!
  4. Dirty martini (G's first)-----pics to follow soon 
  5. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (on my vintage glass citrus juicer) with a bit of vodka (we love grey goose!)
Coming up:

A dinner of spaghetti squash simply with butter, salt, and pepper.  Followed by more burgundy, a nice Brie de Nangine (very soft, it almost oozes it's yumminess!), ciabatta and speck.  

And for those who might be concerned about our alcohol consumption:  don't be.  We rarely drink more than a glass of wine, and with the exception of the holidays haven't even done much of that lately.  We also like to pair alcohol with food.  Tonight we're drinking more than usual in an adventure at trying new things, but tomorrow our butts will be in the pews sober.  We are also drinking tea tonight with some pumpkin cake, so we will be drinking several glasses of water until we head to bed.  Please remember that water is necessary for safe drinking, to keep yourself hydrated, and if you can't stand cold water, try warm water with a squeeze of's divine!


  1. I love this kind of food! I recently had old friends from uni to stay at my place - I made a huge antipasto plate of olives, smoked salmon, meats, all different cheeses, pates, dips, artichokes, fetta and sundried tomatoes and breads. That plus a few bottles of wine was the perfect plate for an entire day and night of gossip and catching up. Easy hostessing too - as all I had to do was visit the fridge every hour or so and get a few things to refresh the plate and grab another bottle of wine! fuss free, something for everyone to eat at anytime they wanted it (especially those with different tastes!) - and oh such a great day!


  2. You are so mean talking about all that wonderful stuff right now ;)

  3. J-- That antipasto plate sounds AMAZING! Definitely gave me an idea for my next get together!

    Bobbi-- I'm sorry hun, just think of this as a time to explore other great foods you can eat!