Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fantastic Find!

Or Why My Husband Puts Up With My Craigslist Stalking

G is super smart, I know I've mentioned that a time or two, but it's true.  He's also a huge nerd.  He eventually wants to get a couple physics degrees and teach (my ex is currently working on a physics degree, so apparently I attract smarties!).  Anyhoo, that being said, G goes absolutely crazy for science stuff, even stupid things that he should have done as a child (*ahem* cornstarch and water).  So when I found a listing on craigslist for a bunch of science equipment he said "Yes, I want that, just pay them their money for the love of God woman!"  (I may be paraphrasing)  Excitable, non?

So tonight, in the middle of a snowstorm we trekked out for this:

The lids with the bottles will be getting used in our bathroom for now.  I'm looking forward to filling them with lotion, salts, oils.  Should make for a pretty little display.  The rest is G's to figure out what to do with once we have kids.  He's in charge of the science portion of homeschooling (well, physics anyways, I will be doing biology and we'll share chemistry), so this is the beginning to a nice collection. We will also be using some of them as vases occasionally to put G's aesthetic in the house as well!

Most excitedly, nearly all the pieces are Pyrex (some much older than others) but we have a few pieces by Kimax, including this:
Now can't you just see my giddyness at a science instrument that was monogrammed just for me?  

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  1. That is an AWESOME find!!

    I was so happy when I found a golf bag for hubby at a yard sale- it was REALLY nice for cheap and I didn't know what a deal it was, took a chance, and he was SO happy!