Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Other Etsy Addicts

Does anyone else ever go browsing through etsy copying photos of ideas of things to do thinking "I could make that?"  Please say it's not just me!  (and for the record, I'm talking about making things for my own home, not making them to sell.)  

There are some things that I wouldn't have a clue how to make or don't want to take the time to make.  Those are the types of things I buy (and enough vintage things to look like I had 8 grandmother's pass away simultaneously!)  But for the most part, a lot of the artsy things on etsy I could modify and make myself.  I also do this with magazines, room set-ups, etc.

I also do this with jewelry and hair pieces from places like Anthropologie.  So much of those items could be handmade, so I save photos in a file of "Things to Make" that way if I get bored one day and feel creative I can whip them up.  As we're organizing our home more, I will be posting DIY things here as I find the time to clean out more of that file.  

Made anything lately after seeing something similar elsewhere?


  1. Hahaha I do this everywhere I go and with everything I see. It's horrible. But I've gotten to make a LOT of things along the way, which is pretty cool. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE when someone stops you somewhere and says "Where did you get that?!" And you can respond with, "Oh, this? I made it!" =) Best feeling in the world!

  2. Me too! Often I see something and love it - but I would love it more in a slightly different colour, or if it had dimontes instead of beads or vice versa. So I will often take the idea and make my own version - making it better for me! The only exception is when I make myself consider time/cost. EG will it end up costing me more to buy all the materials for this craft/item than to just buy one of the item? (If I intend to make more than one, or if there isn't a big initial outlay of material fabric/cotton/etc then this is less relevant) Will it take a long time to make? (time that I won't be able to spare for months so this will sit around half done? And during this time I could have been enjoying the item, if I had bought it! Also could this time that could be better spent doing other things?)

    Anyway - after considering the above I often do try to make it, unless I honestly say I am better off buying the thing, enjoying it for what it is and moving on.


  3. I do that with a lot of stuff! It's how I've decorated my house actually. I copy photos of things I like and then tweak them to fit my house perfectly

  4. but this is just "inspiration!" I read Jane Brocket's book and she talked about drawing inspiration from lots of things - you're an artist, see?
    I love to go to sleep by thinking over all the inspirations. . .