Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fashionably Late Questions

Still deserve answers!  Especially when my friend J is the one asking!  So here I go!
you mentioned reading in bed - what books are you reading at the moment? blogs and newspaper articles count?  I think ma maman would be shocked to hear, but I don't remember the last book I read, it's been a while since I took that much time.  Yes, I have a lot of free time, I know, but I tend to get a wee bit absorbed in books, and can shut the world out around me (which while unpacking and stocking out home up is a little inconvenient).  I currently have on me (I'm at Panera) a Christmas romance book.  It's got 4 short stories and they are all good clean ones that have great ending and recipes!  

Another part to this answer is something I mentioned to G this morning, that I am avoiding any books that may influence my own book I am working on.  I don't want it to sound like anyone else's writing or to steal any hint of a story line, even accidentally.  So right now that pretty much leaves fluff books---quick, light girly reads.  I'm trying to read Emma, but keep leaving it at home!
do you stick to that same busy nights on weekends - or do you both try and get out more in the day?
Well, on the nights we are in on the weekends (I try desperately to get us out having a life), I do tend to maintain that schedule.  We are usually lazy bums until mid afternoon whereas we run errands, maybe eat out, and then if we head home I usually end up at least baking something and cleaning.  I love to bake, it allows me to be useful while carrying on a conversation with G, or allowing him to watch a show I caught earlier in the week.  Lately we've been trying to be in earlier on Saturday nights because we found a church we like to attend on Sunday mornings.  Oh, and we cannot be gone all the time, we have two very needy puppies!
Does being up all night mean you don't go shopping much during the week? How/when do you do your food or other shopping? 
If I do the food shopping during the week it's after G gets home.  Because we're a one car family, and he takes the car to work, if I desperately need something he swings by and picks it up on his way home from the commissary (since we've found some things are 2/3 cheaper there!).  But usually when we head out for coffee we also do our shopping then.  We've also been known to head out to the 24 hour Wal-Mart at midnight in the middle of the week! (only if G is wired and cannot sleep) Because this time of year I tend to make a lot of soups that last for days we don't shop much.  We do however shop more often for fresh ingredients, so the grocery store is my way of getting out of the house on days I feel cooped up!  I don't quite trust G completely to pick out our food yet, so he is usually told to just come home and then we head back out.  It does waste gas, something I'm working on getting better at, but it keeps me sane!

Today is a busy day, working on the novel, drinking copious amounts of coffee (haven't slept since yesterday afternoon and am trying to break the cycle by forcing myself to stay awake and sleep tonight!), hanging out with a friend, and doing lunch with G.  Oh, and running a couple of necessary errands tonight, staging a set up for a review photo, preparing for this weekend, and hopefully getting some sleep!  How is everyone?  Gearing up for a fun weekend, or hoping to relax in bed with a newspaper? 


  1. Thankyou! I blame the time difference for the late comments (!!)