Friday, January 29, 2010

Question For My Readers

And lurkers too!  I've noticed quite a bit of international activity here lately, and thought this might draw a few people out (that and I am insatiably curious)!  

So, for my local and foreign readers alike:  What is a traditional food of your country/area that you love?  And more so, can I get a recipe?  I feel like going around the world with some food this weekend!  Please respond, I am very very curious!  And even if you just live in a separate part of the world, what is a local food you've tried and love? 

Can you tell I got a great night of sleep last night?  I was wide awake when G left at 6:30 this morning!


  1. Gumbo! I'll have to get my recipe out and send it to you this weekend.

  2. Um, I'm from southern California, so I guess the traditional food of the area is...I don't know, tortillas?

  3. Kalee, I was wondering if you got the link of Thai food that I gave you awhile ago?