Friday, January 29, 2010

Oy Vey!

This weekend will hopefully be a whirlwind now that I am on a better schedule.  We have some furniture we want to re-finish and fix up (so look on the home blog next week for that), and I need to do the set up for the review, but it's been crappy weather all week which equals bad lighting.  For now we're headed to our favorite diner for some late night breakfast and then to the bar next door for karaoke.  G is planning on singing, so pray for us!  He's not bad, per se, just doesn't sing much, and so this should be funny.  He was pumping himself up, cracking me up to the point I had to hold onto the shower wall because I could. not. breathe.  He just kept saying "This is my DEBUT!  I'm totally going to become a star!"  Hopefully I can sneakily take some video with my camera and post his "greatness" for the world to see!

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