Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feel Free

to ask me some questions!  

I'm in the middle of a bunch of things to post on here.  I'm planning on doing a special (hopefully this weekend, still waiting on something to arrive) set of posts this weekend.  I also received the thing from CSN today that I am reviewing, and it arrived and now I am trying to finish that all up.  G's in class so he can graduate and hopefully tack on Staff Sergeant March 1st, and so most days he comes home, we eat and he does homework.  (perhaps this is why I am desperately filling up our weekends!) So we've been staying in (shocker, we even made out own coffee tonight!) and while I'm working on new things for here, they need tweaking.  But look for recipes, reviews, DIY, and fashion posts soon!

In the meantime, I was wondering if you had any questions for me?  Anything you've wondered about or wanted me to clear up?  ( I know I have a tendency to touch on something then never fully explain, sorry!  I'm a rambler and tend to lose my train of thought!).  I will answer pretty much anything (appropriate questions of course, most of my sex life is obvsiously off limits, less because I care and more because G's family reads this!).  You can leave a comment (anonymous if you want) or e-mail me! 


  1. I don't want this to seem rude in anyway, so just as a general disclaimer I wanted to say that first. I am in no way judging you or saying you don't do "real" work or anything dumb like that (it just infuriates me when people judge each other for staying home, working outside the home, daycare, homeschool, etc - I firmly believe we all do what we think is best for ourselves and our family).

    Okay, you can probably guess at my question from the disclaimer. I know from reading that you don't have a job outside the home and you don't have kids yet. Would you be willing to outline a day for us? I know you must spend a lot of it cooking because you make such lovely meals (and I LOVE the lunch you packed for G complete with menu the other day - so sweet!). I am just curious as to what it looks like for you. I have not ever had the opportunity to stay home, not before or after my daughter, on a full time basis for longer than a couple of months and now I think so much in terms OF my daughter I can't quite picture how it would be. :) I would love to hear how a typical day goes, or a non-typical day, or a week or whatever! :)

    Sorry this comment is a BOOK long!

  2. Since you have lived in Europe and the states, I would love to know the differences in little things like social behavior...like what do people do for fun over there. And also the food, what are the big differences and habits?

  3. Is it too late to ask questions?? I would like to know:

    1) you mentioned reading in bed - what books are you reading at the moment?
    2) do you stick to that same busy nights on weekends - or do you both try and get out more in the day?
    3) Does being up all night mean you don't go shopping much during the week? How/when do you do your food or other shopping?

    I have many more questions - but these ones will have to do for now!


    (After you post last week, I also wanted to know why you roasted a chicken at midnight, but that's been answered by your other post!)