Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Silk Curtains

I really, really want silk curtains for our living room window.  I love the luxe look of them, and the way they have a gentle sheen.  Does anyone know where to find some decently priced grey, silver or teal ones? Thanks!


  1. I looked for a year or two before I found what I wanted for my drapes. I am planning to make very simple ones - hemmed rectangles - attached to rings/hooks. (Eventually I'll post about them - but they're in the sewing queue right now!)
    Anway, the fabric: We have a fabric outlet in our area that gets stuff from the garment district of NYC where I got very heavy chartreuse fabric - $50 for 14 yards. It's not silk, but I originally was looking for silk, so it's sheeny and heavy. I had considered some silk from JoANn Fabrics - with their 40% off coupons, it would have been very reasonable.
    Also, I know JCPenney has a major window treatment sale every November - at least in our area. That's how we got wood blinds for 70% off.
    Well, good luck!

  2. Just a heads up for the JCPenny... My mom was looking for drapes for our living room and even with the 70 off it was still going to be outrageous. I ended up just convincing her to buy material and let me make them. But in my experience, if you have something in mind for drapes, it's easier to find the material and either make them or have someone make them for you. That way you can get exactly what you want without spending a fortune.

  3. I have some beautiful cream ones in my bedroom, with lovely thick silk and a light pattern woven into the silk. I tie them with a cream satin ribbon edged faintly with gold (but this can only been seen as a lighter sheen - unless you are looking closely at them) and I love them. They are heavy enough that it stops ALL light - especially in summer when light comes in at 4:30am!

    I hope you find some you like - as I think coming here for a shopping expedition might be a bit exhorbitant!