Monday, January 25, 2010

Lounging Around

I've been asked recently what I wear when I'm relaxing.  I will admit I make a point of choosing my clothes carefully, and I have a tendency to cautiously dress more up than down.  But when I lounge around I wear comfy clothes that I can stretch out in (because let's be honest the majority of my days are spent in bed reading and snuggling with the puppies).  So tonight after I threw on my new lounge pants I asked G to snap a shot, and as long as you promise not to point out that holding my hands on my hips pulled my shirt and made it look like I have no waist (and the awkward pose....I don't know how to stand in so "loose" of clothes) I will share even more secrets!

Camisole:  Old Navy (often worn with clothes, such as today, I "multi-task")
Pants: Target

I love these pants from Target, I got them on clearance last week and they are loooong and comfy! Oh, you wanted a secret. 
Normally I don't have a go to pair of pants.  I have been known to throw on G's tech school sweats and a tank.  And lately I'll be honest I've been rocking a huge comfy men's sweater from Aeropostale and a pair of lace boy short panties that peek out from under (hey, you wanted a secret).  G's been loving the contrast between lace and boyfriend sweater, so I've been happy to oblige (because it's comfy as all hell).  

So, what do you rock when it's just you (and maybe your significant other) around the house?  Do you have cute pj pants?  More of the nightgown type? 


  1. My comfy clothes are so not cute at all. I go for the Gap sort of lounge pant (light sweatpant?) with drawstrings and the biggest tshirt I can find. My poor husband. :)

    I did wear tank tops while I was nursing my daughter, but I am not sure that counts as attractive loungewear. :)

  2. When it's cold like this I always have on sweats, a huge sweatshirt and fuzzy socks. I get super cold super easy (it's really, really annoying) but when it's warm out I usually wear what I would wear out in public because my outfits are so comfy (lots of flowing skirts and tanks and cute tops).

  3. I actually only wear lounge clothes on Sunday - then it's thin drawstring sweatpants and a hoodie, socks and slippers; our house is too cold to wear a tank or shorts in the winter!
    The only nightgown I have is a gorgeous Victorian-esque one with a dressing gown that my husband (then fiance) got me in London. I don't wear it very often, admittedly, because I don't like the way nighties ride up.