Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Fears Were Unnecessary

Okay, I have something to admit.  I bought the tickets to the opera (at a BOGO price, thanks to the woman who set the event up!) with a distinct fear.  I was afraid I might hate it.  Sure I like listening to classical music and opera (classical music out of necessity, I do technically play the violin and I've sung in several languages before including French and Italian), but I kept thinking of Richard Gere.  Yes, Richard Gere.  Some of you immediately understood, but for those who are not as well versed in their 90's films, let me explain.  

I love the film Pretty Woman.  It is not at all realistic about the world of prostitution, and let's face it, most normal people are not going to get paid thousands of dollars to spend a week with a handsome man.  However, I love it.  And one of my favorite parts has always been the opera scenes.  In this film Gere's character says to her, "People's reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic; they either love it or they hate it. If they love it, they will always love it. If they don't, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul."  I desperately wanted to love it, and was worried I would hate it.  

However, this night was amazing.  G and I had an opera worthy dramatic argument which led to me saying the tickets were under my name and he was no longer invited.  In the end (as always) we enjoyed it together.  What can I say, when my husband is asked to describe me in one word he always says "passionate" and I live up to it.  We arrived, I picked up our tickets and we each grabbed a complimentary glass of wine before heading to our seats.....on the stage.  Our group was one of the lucky few who got to sit at tables on the stage.  This is a version of Carmen that is set up as if it is a cabaret in 1920's Paris.  One of the chairs at our table was a "prop" and from the get go we had Don Jose sitting at our table, throughout the night we got very upclose and personal with pretty much all the characters, and at the end of the night I had to walk carefully to avoid staining my shoes on fake blood pooled right by our table.  It was out of this world phenomenal.  And they even had a screen waaaay up high above the stage with the lyrics in English to the songs so you could keep up if need be.  

I now can officially say I love opera.  I look forward to seeing more productions by the American Opera Theatre, and meeting up with the lovely group we went with.  For an edgier version of this show I wore a more edgy look (well, edgy for me, I didn't go putting blue streaks in my hair or anything).

Dress:  Ted Baker (bought in England)
Belt:  Ted Baker again, I actually paired these up before buying them and the sales people thought it was perfect.  I liked the idea of mixing the floaty dress (it floats more as I walk) with this leather and patent leather belt.
Tights:  Nicole Miller
Grey Suede Ankle Boots:  Off Broadway

Garret wore his charcoal grey French Connection shirt tucked into dark jeans with a nice belt and black loafers.  He looked sexy and fit in perfectly.  We were a little more dressed up than some people there, but whatever.  

Have you ever attended an opera?  Does the thought horrify you?  Would you consider going to a more vibrant performance like this?  


  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. Aloha, I am so happy for you! The Opera is wonderful, good for you and I'm really happy you went together. Sometimes we have to take the leap! You looked lovely, well done!!
    Aloha wishes from across the sea

  3. Sounds awesome! Jesse and I will certainly be making events like these in our calendars when we actually have money. Lol. The move (right after Spain) killed our bank accounts. :) Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  4. Glad you dressed up! I get bugged when people go to plays and operas and symphonies without really dressing up.