Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Dream

Is to someday have a bit of land to grow veggies and fruit on, have some ducks for eggs and a goat or 3 for milk.  Garret and I keep that dream in mind as we research how to preserve food (because we'd like to enjoy tomatoes year round, and G has a deep love for apple butter), amongst other things (such as sewing) that will help us be more self-sufficient.  It's odd to me that a few years ago I dreamt of one day driving a mercedes SUV, always wanted to be one to try the new "it" thing, and now I'm a different person.  Now the idea of driving an SUV sorta horrifies me (they are so big! I do like my mom's Escape though), and I won't have one unless it become a need (for kids and transporting).  I'm changing.  I still like luxurious things, silks, cashmere, great wine and champagne.  I'm just moving towards more natural things, as I will talk about in the coming weeks.  

One thing I dream of for the future is living in a community where people share and trade things.  For instance, my duck eggs traded for some herbs or cheese.  I think those sorts of communities allow great lifestyles and a closer bond amongst neighbors.  And if I have extra crops I don't need, why not let someone come and have some.  My maman and I went to a local man's home this summer and picked gallons of cherry tomatoes.  He just had way too many, and they were going to go bad so we were invited out.  It was amazing!  And today I went and picked up these from someone on freecycle:

Kumquats.  Sour, yummy little things!  Her tree/bush produced a crazy amount this year, so she offered up the extra fruit.  I will be trying my hand at candied kumquats if I can find a recipe and I am considering whether or not I could waterbath process some preserves (my grandmama's pressure canner is still at her home).  G and I were both shocked by how much there was (several pounds worth) and extremely lucky to have found such a find!  

Do you freecycle?  Have you found any great things lately?  I've got more to share later this week!


  1. It's where you can list things you no longer need and people come and pick them up! It's how I also got my dresser on my other blog. They had two, the guy fixed up one and didn't want to fix up the one we got, so he listed it. It's a good place to get rid of things, keeping them out of the dump, but allow someone else to use them!

  2. Awesome. I'll have to check it out!