Saturday, January 16, 2010

Night Out

We needed this.  This breathing time.  This long weekend not spent entirely wrapped up in one another and responsibilities.  Tonight we met up with other young Charm City couples and drank wine, ate yummy cheeses, relaxed a bit.  Bin 604 hosts a decent wine tasting.  It was amazing.  We were surrounded by other couples who enjoy similar things, couples that are laid back and can just converse on the various topics that come up.

After we headed to The Helmand for delicious as always Afghan food.  And now, I'm taking a break for a tiny bit before we head out to a local bar to dance.  One of the other couple recommended it and we thought we would hit it up.  I need to dance, to let out this tension that has been building for so long I can't pinpoint it's beginning.  Last night I sang karaoke, tonight I am going to dance like the devil has flames licking my heels.

Last night I was angry at the world.  And what would be surprising to my college therapist is that I let myself be angry.  I let it out.  I screamed a deep primal scream and I just let myself feel anger without trying to justify the actions of others.  I let myself grieve for the way things had gone down before.  I let myself really just admit that hey, some people chose to suck at inopportune moments in my life but it doesn't mean I'm less than.  The funny thing is that some people's decisions are now what they have to live with, and I've come to realize that I don't have to let it affect my life.

Tonight was a great night to remind myself that this life will be great.  I just need to jump in and not be afraid to fall.

*EDIT* Didn't end up at the club,,,,parking is a nightmare here in Charm City.  Eh.  That's why there are iPods right?


  1. How fun. I'm going to have to hit up our local wine shop for a tasting soon. They have them every Thursday night. And kudos for expressing and feeling your anger. Sometimes you just have to process it and get it out.

  2. Kalee - I just drew your name for the fragrance won! Email me at