Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coming Up

Things That I Need to Do and Show You:
  1. Paint furniture:  I have a tea trolley, 2 side tables, 4 chairs, a desk, a dresser, and a coffee table to paint!  The weather has really hindered my getting this done, but hopefully the sun will keep on shining!
  2. Make a pair of curtains for my office area for less than $5!  (you are gonna want to see this!)
  3. Organize my kitchen drawers:  Drawer space is at a premium here, so I need to buy some organizers and make it work.
  4. Make my living room work for now.  Yes, my furniture will be here in April (and then I need to have the chairs completely refurbished) but for now I just need to make the room look presentable.  Currently it looks like a tornado went through and blew a lot of things that go elsewhere into there.  It's kinda been our drop off point after shopping.  
  5. Organize my closet.  
  6. Paint the mirrors I have lying around my house.  Yes, plural.
  7. Unpack (sadly this might be on the list until we move out).
  8. Buy or make a queen size bed and move our bedroom furniture down to the guest room.  
  9. Paint the walls
  10. Not panic because this list is crazy long, and there isn't even half of the things I need to do on it!
Have you been making lists and checking them thrice?  Do share!


  1. I am SUCH a list maker. My favorite thing is to cross off what I have gotten done - makes me feel so productive! Plus I forget things constantly, so it keeps me from forgetting thinks (go to the store to get milk, forget milk) or doubling them (go to the store and not need milk, buy it and realize when I get home that I already had it).

    I have even been known to add something to a list that is already done just so I can cross it off too. :)

  2. I always have a list that is a million miles long and no matter how much I work on it, it never gets shorter because it keeps getting added on to! Ahhh, must keep plugging away!

  3. Three years ago we moved from a place we had been at 14 years and we were empty nesters. That move was overwhemling and the only way I survived was by making lists so I felt like there was some kind of order to the chaos.

  4. I am a real list maker! It is the first thing I do when I am overwhelmed with a certain job or even "life maintenance" in general! However I have a rule - once I make the list I always insist on doing two things on it straight away - to et the list started. (Else I have a tendency to pat myself on the back that I have made things under control by making the list and head off to find a good book or shopping......)

    I find a "started list" much easier to stick to. I then often set myself goals like one task each week, or something (but I get to pick which one!) - as a deadline is always a good thing!


  5. I need a list everyday just so I feel like I have my head on straight. And I have a weird list habit... my lists are always written in black roller ink, and when something is complete, always crossed off with a pink highlighter. Completely strange, I know, but for some reason seeing all the pink at the end of the day makes me all happy =)

  6. I'm so glad others are as list obsessed! I too write things on a list sometimes that I've already done in order to cross them off! Right now I have a list as long as my arm, though....