Sunday, February 21, 2010


So G and I were so excited to buy our first home.  Not because we could decorate.  Not because we were crazy and thought owning our own home was the be all end all.  Nope, it was because finally we might be able to install things that otherwise you can't when you rent.  Because of my skin we desperately need to get a water softener.  It's not a want, it's a need.  My hair stylist s concerned with how much hair I've lost, my skin hurts most days, and even G has some issues.  Hard water wreaks it's havoc on me like no other.  After the cruise a year ago I came home with shiny, glossy, thick hair (and this was in less than 2 weeks).  My skin felt super soft and my scalp wasn't itching.  Why?  Because they have water softeners and the water was the only thing different during that time period.  

So G and I are finally getting around to purchasing one.  It's a big purchase, involves possibly having to hire a plumber, and I am a person who puts things off for forever.  Well, now we're ready only one problem:  which one to choose?  We can either go with GE's water softener or with the Whirpool one.  One is from Home Depot, the other from Lowes.  Both seem decent, but have so few reviews I can't make a decision.  So, do any of my wonderful readers have a water softener that attaches to their hot water tank? Anybody have a brand they would recommend?

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  1. Unfortunately I can't help you at all with this one. But I hope you find a good one and that it helps you a lot!