Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monkey Bathing

I am a monkey bather.  My husband would argue with that, stating that in fact I am an ape bather, but whatever.  G has a stuffed chimpanzee named Ham from when he was little that he made us pick up over the holidays.  It immediately went into a plastic bag and has not left it since.  He was not allowed to roam free in my home because he was absolutely disgusting (dog hair and years of dirt) and needed a good burning hazmat inspection cleaning.  Tonight I was cleaning out our closet (of which Ham has been hiding in a deep dark corner at the top of), and realized it was now or never.  So into our bathroom sink with half a bottle of woolite he went.  And he's still there.  He may still be there this weekend, I haven't decided.  G has informed me that I must do absolutely everything to save him and only once I've exhausted myself can he be thrown out.  I'm all for childhood memories, but this just reminds me to write a note to myself that says  "wash kids' favorite things religiously."

Other than that it's a normal night.  We picked up a $3 milk frother at IKEA and have found it quite effective at making simple cappuccinos and cafe au laits.  Yum!  Currently we're drinking it from 2 mugs that we got in England that have pics from the towns we lived around.  They were our stomping grounds, so it's bittersweet.  The drawing underneath the town names was just a couple paces down from our favorite tea room.  
Other than that it's quiet here in our home.  We have fish out ready to cook (with black beans, corn and onion), but aren't hungry so it may be a cold cereal kind of night.  I'm salivating over the pic of the meal we had this weekend after mass:
Sorry about the bites, I nearly forgot to take a photo.  House made roast beef with a horseradish sauce, something like a tomato chutney and cheese with a salad with green goddess dressing.  I could eat it every day!

Going to work with G tomorrow (well, not really, I'm not allowed on the complex at all), and having some coffee and muffins with a friend (I'm baking a batch of blueberry muffins fresh tonight!).  Then on Friday my rug should be here!  Hallelujah, I'm praying it's the right one!  Keep your fingers crossed!  


  1. Good luck with the Monkey, I have a bear that I was unable to wash but he gets vacuumed and frebreezed regularly. I could not part with Brandon Bear, he now sits in Ian's room where I recently found him and Ian chatting.

  2. Your monkey(ape)bathing cracks me up. As you may know, Lily has a collection of monkey babies and they are all in need of a bath. I might draw them a bubble bath tomorrow. I wonder if I have any banana scented bath products.

    And, your sandwich looks delicious. I love anything involving horseradish.

  3. That sandwich sounds lovely...... I may have to experiment with beef and horseradish myself this weekend....

    Good luck with the rug! Can't wait to see it!