Monday, February 1, 2010

Pardon This Quick Interruption

I just have a question that is mildly rhetorical.  Something I've noticed lately as I age is that as I run into people I used to know there is one of 2 things that seem to happen more than anything else.  One, I think wow, I still love them to pieces but dang are we different (i.e. have not a whole lot to talk about because we just don't have much in common).  Or two, I never would have thought we would have much in common, why the hell weren't we friends before?  Is this just me?  And then another thought pops in my head, how the hell can I ask them out for coffee to bridge a friendship without seeming odd?  Because I'm the type of person who if I think you rock I will let you know.  Some people think that's great and other people think I'm too outspoken.  I just go by a little personal motto of making sure that people realize how great they are, rather than being afraid I sound like a tool.  

Another natural week post will be up later, G has to deal with taxes first (which have turned out to be a pain).  But if you have suggestions for the making friends with people you've known forever but never really known feel free to pass them on!


  1. I have the same problem lol. I've found that just saying that I want to make new friends and they seem neat and would they like to do coffee/tea/something? works for me. It puts off the people that would find me weird anyway but it works well with people I mesh well with

  2. I agree with geek details - you just have to go for it and when you meet with awesome people you won't regret that you never asked. Good luck!

  3. Kaylee, I've been having tons of friend problems! Lol. I'm still friends with a few people from high school, but like you said, we don't really have that much in common any more. And while we still get along fine and I think they are fabulous, there are only so many "catching-up" lunch dates you can go on.

    And I've moved around so much since high school. Bouncing from college to college and then staying in ES that I haven't really made any new friends! Now I'm in a new town and know absolutely no one! I have no job to meet people (yet) and I don't even know how to begin! Man, why can't making new friends be easier? Eh? =)

  4. Oh yeah, sorry for adding the "y" into your name. I know how to spell it, I promise. Lol.