Friday, February 19, 2010

This About Sums It Up

Oh yes, I just posted a very blurry pic.  Because that about sums up our night.  Absolute madness I tell ya.
It started out quite alright.  I got beautified at a friend's house (having curled my hair earlier in the day) while her two munchkins kept talking to me through the door.  And sticking their hands under.  And giggling because they could see my feet.  I always said I only wanted one girl, but I have changed my mind.....I want a bundle of them!  I then headed out and walked into the club where the graduation ceremony was being held.  Garret found me and after finding our table near the front, G's squadron commander bought us a round of drinks.  Martini in hand we began mingling.  I got to meet his instructor, who was very nice.  Something I continually heard all evening was how quiet G is.  Yes, I can see that, he tends to be more of a observer (hence the reason he always has the best stories to tell, because he hears everything.....he really should have gone to work for the CIA as a spy).  However, I told them, he doesn't shut up at home.  Often times I am cooking while he prattles on and on and on.... 
Graduation was nice.  The food was pretty decent, and in the end I had a couple martinis to make it through, while G had a glass of red wine.  These events are filled with "I bleed blue" people who can talk about how important it is to be a leader for forever.  As the graduates were announced, their different groups would shout and make the oddest noises (another wife at my table summed up one group perfectly "that sounds like a dying cat").  We just found out that because they're slow to put the ranks on this year he will be putting it on April 1st (G is nearly exactly in the middle, but they started in August).  When it was time for G to walk across the stage I rushed up to take a pic, with his Commandant telling me to come ahead and come up in front of them to take it.  The woman who is shaking his hand is a Colonel and out of everyone that night I enjoyed her speech the most (earlier in the evening she walked up to G and began chatting with him, she seems very nice).  The point that I thought was so important that she and the other speaker mentioned was the need to be the leader that they would have wanted as airmen.  
Then after we headed to a party at one of the guy's houses.  It lasted a long time, with us heading out at about 1:30, with the party in full swing still.  Although we arrived fairly early, and our entrance can be summed up with this:  They were watching Olympic male figure skating and critiquing it.  I teased them that this was a hot party!  The blurry pic is from later on and you can catch a glimpse of G's excited face.  He played and lost his first ever game of beer pong.  It was slow moving, with him actually drinking his regular drink since it took forever for anyone to get any balls in the cups.  By the end of the night though, I drove home (my first time ever!) because G was passed out next to me.  To say he was drunk would be an understatement, but he rarely drinks and he hadn't eaten much, so it didn't take much!  

So to sum it all up, pretty woman with a martini saddles up to hot guy in semi-formal blues and hears Sinatra playing in the background.  Wants to dance but knows it's frowned upon (as so many things at these events are) but by the end of the evening grabs his tie and plants one on him.  Okay food, okay speakers, ends with a certificate and a smile.....and a 3 day weekend to recover!


  1. That does sound crazy! Your hair looks really cute curly though and congrats to G (and hopefully he recovered from all the fun ok!)! :)

  2. I love the blurry picture. Sounds like a wild night. Hope you are well recovered by now.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. You looks super chic! Hope you guys are chillaxing through the madness. Congrats to G!!