Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Mecca

I have always loved make-up.  My grandmama was indulgent when I was little and I could play with her nail polish or lipstick to my heart's content, and my love only grew from there.  At 12 I was buying blue glitter lip gloss from Claire's (oh the horror! But it was in style at the time) and painting my nails similar shades.  It has taken me a while to figure out who I am with make-up, and I am not very good at applying it sometimes, but I have fun with it.  I think it's such a personal thing.  Some people can rock the heavy eye-makeup look, but for me it just ends up making me look like a hooker on her walk home.  Not good.  When I posted this photo on my home blog as part of my cleaning up our bathroom I got a question about my make-up and realized I have never really talked about it.  So let's get all girly (sorry to my readers of the male persuasion) and discuss.  First off the title references the fact that G and I jokingly call Sephora my "mecca" since I can get lost in there and it always cheers me up to visit (still haven't looked for one here in Maryland though).  

Most days I wear nothing, because I figure if I am just staying in or just going to the grocery store it's not worth my time to put make-up on.  It's taken me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin, I have slightly red cheeks (thanks to Irish heritage and my parents allowing my skin to burn when I was little).  I can already see some signs of how sun damage in my youth (often times my own stupid teenage decision) is showing a bit, but I have spent the last 6 years working on that.  I use sunscreen, I moisturize and I drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet.  My skin is normally pretty clear, and I don't look too dead when I go bare.  

But when I do wear make-up I keep it simple, with a tinted moisturizer and some mascara.  I fell in love with Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer this summer.  I was a little late to the game, but being overseas Sephora wouldn't ship to me.  (which was ridiculous since they have stores around the world)  Yes, it's a bit expensive at $42, but I can tell you I bought mine in August, and even wearing it nearly every day for a bit, I still have it.  I am planning on buying a new bottle this week, but 6 months seems fair enough.  Because it's a tinted moisturizer you don't use as much.  At first it will seem like it's not enough coverage, but I was amazed at how quickly my skin took to it and now I look natural and glowing.  I love this product!  I use a concealer by LORAC that I've had for ages, but am planning on buying the Laura Mercier concealer (I have under eye circles) soon.  

NARS is a big brand for me, mainly because I love their colors and their names!  Yes, I have their orgasm blush and it looks amazing on so many skin tones!  It's a good go to when I decide to wear blush.  I also love their cream eyeshadows more than I can say.  I have the corfu color and I love it when I want to add just a little more to my look.  And I also have their lipglosses, in Orgasm and Scandal  with plans to get Bloodwork (which is a red vinyl color).  Orgasm is my every day go to lately, since it adds a neutral gleam to my lips.  I also have the multiple in Riviera that is a nice pink when I want to look all girly and blushing (although they have this in Orgasm as well, and it's on my list).  I do love the company and the names they give their products.  Some of them are a bit risque, but who doesn't love a little danger to their day?

I have the Dior Detective Palette that I bought years ago, but I keep it clean and I love the contour and shimmer it gives my face when I want to look a bit more "done".  I'm also a huge fan of Diorshow mascara and have the regular black (I don't do waterproof, it tends to look clumpy) and the Blackout travel size.  I have tried several mascaras, and while they all work okay, this is my favorite.  I also have the MAC eyeshadow palette that I bought after my make-up was done for my bachelorette party.  I normally stick with natural looking make-up, but if I want a smoky eye, the black and purples in this palette make my green eyes really pop!  And I use a MAC eyeliner (although it ran out last week).  I've used a liquid eyeliner before and love that look as well.

For my nails I tend to leave them bare, but I do like to paint them dark when I'm feeling a bit more sexy. I also love the Ballerina color that I was sent by Stephanie of Bonjour Madame!  One coat and it gives my nails a very polished look.  

I think for me, less is more.  I love a nice vintage black eyeliner look with just mascara.  Or sometimes I add a bit of my MAC Russian Red lipstick to it.  But generally I swipe on some mascara and maybe the tinted moisturizer and I am out the door.  It works for me.  I love so many make-up styles, but it's sorta like can like it and it still not look good on you.  A lot of my make-up is a bit pricier, but I tend to use it past the recommended dates, cleaning it with alcohol so it stays clean and fresh.  My NARS eyeshadow for instance, I have had since right after I got married, nearly 3 years ago.  I need a new one soon, but it's still got plenty around the edge.  And that's with using it pretty much every day for a couple years.  I always say to use a little and add more if need be, rather than applying too much, and wasting it because you have to take it off.

Do you have any make-up products you cannot live without?  Any suggestions for a eyeliner (I am always looking for something easy to use)?


  1. I like the Clinique quickliner with the smudge 'eraser' on the end: this one

  2. I finally found an eye liner I'm happy with. It's Clinique 101 black diamond eye liner. If I do put masacra, it's got to be Lancome. Although, every body I know in the states was raving about Cover Girl, so I tried it but it's clumpy for me.

  3. Thanks for this post! I'm sorry, I have no suggestions for eyeliner as I am useless with eye make-up!

  4. I absolutely LOVE Bare Minerals. I didn't use make-up at all until I was about 21, and even now I really just use the mineral veil to even out my skin a bit and avoid oily spots and sometimes their touch-up (bisque) for blemishes or redness. I brush a little eyeshadow on and leave.

    That being said I obviously can't help with the eyeliner as I don't use it. :)

    I have a hate-hate relationship with mascara. When I wear it people always tell me I don't use enough but I never find a kind that is easy (and not clumpy) to put on that lasts long enough to be worth it since I seldom use it.

  5. We have some shared product. I use LM tinted moisturizer days. I also have Nars Orgasm blush. My MUST have products are Amazing Concealer and Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner. BB's eyeliner is the BEST ever!!! I cannot recommend it enough.

  6. My response will be as long as your post. I must think about it first to narrow it down! :)

  7. Ok, after some thought here are my cannot live without products:

    Alima Pure mineral foundation. It provides the best coverage, is matte and does not itch or give me that too shiny look.

    An eyelash curler makes a huge difference and I use one every day.

    Mac makes a blush brush that is really a foundation stippling brush, but it makes you a blush pro especially with highly pigmented high end blushes that are easy to overdo. The tip of the brush is white #187.

    A lip balm that I use at night called The Lip Slip. It's fantastic and stays put.

    YSL concealer for my eyelids when I don't feel like wearing eyeshadow which is often. A little bit evens out the skin on my eyelids and makes it look great.

    Overall I love a clean even toned skin look with mascara a hint of blush and either a pinky nude lip or something more dramatic. My favorite drama lipsticks are Chanel Barcelona Red, Laura Mercier Marquis (both discontinued...shakes fists), Lancome Perfect Fig, I could go on and on with this collection. My favorite barely there lip gloss is Nars Chiuaua and it looks GREAT over a nude lipstick.

    For my skin I cannot do without my clarisonic mia. And Lately I've been very into l'occitane skin care in their shea butter line.

    I need to do better with my nails but I usually do a dark polish on my toes and a nude polish on my fingernails. Essie Berry Hard is a great dark red polish.

    I should post my make up drawer(s). I like how you posted a picture of yours.