Saturday, February 27, 2010

This weekend I am painting my desk.  It's been a huge debate, because I wanted to sand it down and stain it, but it's just too big of a project for now.  I should be able to strip in later if I decide to and do all that, but for now I think (I'm indecisive, so this could change) that I am going to prime, paint and gloss it.  Deep Breath In.  

It's my great-grandmother's desk.  It's nothing hugely nice, just a piece I loved enough to wrangle it away from my parents in college.  It got beat up in the move to England, and needs some love.  But I've been afraid to touch it.  Afraid I would screw it up.  Afraid that my mother would shoot me if she found out what I'm gonna do to it.  But alas, I need to make it mine, a space to write.  A space to correspond.  A place of my own.  I've got the paint for the desk, the chair is going to be different, and I need to find fabric to recover the seat.  (and hardware, but that could take forever for me to make up my mind!)

I like these simple styles in chrome (to go with the lamp).

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that after this weekend I will actually have some decent things to post.  I've got painting galore to do, lots of sanding down of some furniture, and cleaning (which thank God G will be tackling part of now that his schedule is back to normal).   We've got a timeline of events for the next few months that should really liven things up around here (the blog, not my life, my life is crazy enough already).  

So, let me have it:  hate painting wood furniture?  Think it's a great way to revitalize old damaged wood?  Tackled any fun project lately?  I know some of my readers don't have blogs, but was also wondering if any of you have any projects you might want me to post?  This could be exciting!


  1. Your mother will not hate you for's yours need to make it your own...Great Grandma Mayfield would want it that way. I'm sure she would just be happy that it's still in the family...still being loved...and still being used. GO FOR IT!!! I can't wait to see it when you finally get it done...Love Mom :)

  2. Maman, I love you! I'm so excited for you to come and see my home next month!