Friday, February 26, 2010

Why I Hate

I have been amazed to read about how many people love this site.  Twice now we've ordered the same rug, and twice we've been sent the wrong one.  This past time I got an e-mail saying the item I had requested was back in stock.  There was one of them.  We assumed that the first time ours got sent to the wrong person and they sent it back.  So I immediately ordered it, though it cost more the second time than it had the first (they had given us a $50 credit because of the issue, after going higher and higher up the chain of command, originally we were offered nothing).  Today I stayed home to wait for it to be delivered.

It's the same pattern, the wrong colors.  The one I ordered was dark grey and light grey.  Instead we got the grey and black one.  No problem right?  Except the black and grey one has a brown tone to it that will not work in our home.  See?
Right Rug

Wrong Rug

Now the customer service hasn't even been as helpful (we're waiting on a call back).  At first they didn't even offer to come and have the rug picked up, we were going to have to drive it to a UPS store.  Second, they aren't offering any sort of compensation, and the $50 credit from before will be put back, but for what?  Please someone explain to this company why I would not want to shop with them again, since apparently they aren't getting it.  You've screwed up twice, your customer service has been even less helpful, and so why on earth would I try ordering anything from you again?  We'll end up using our $50 credit on something for exactly that amount, no more, and never using this site again. 

I am envious of those of you who have good experiences with this site.  This has only been the second time shopping with them, but I'm making sure everyone I know knows what has happened and that they aren't worth much when it comes to customer satisfaction.  If you've had problems with them as well, please let me know......I feel like I'm in some sort of disappointing home decorating twilight zone.  


  1. I'm sorry about your rug. I have never ordered from them and probably won't after reading this.

  2. How in the world do they stay in business? What a letdown your experiences have been with this site. You don't deserve such treatment.

  3. Oh no!! I read the title of the post and knew immediately they had screwed up again! That totally sucks. And there is nothing I hate MORE in a company than poor customer service!

    My brother is the only one I know who has ordered from them and his cabinet came in right and was fine. But that would seem to not be the norm for them. I don't blame you, I would spend exactly the $50 and no more too. If I had a blog I would write a giant post in response to this about my horrible experience with Cheryl and Co Cookies. :)

  4. Oh kalee, this is heartbreaking since the *right* rug is just so perfect. Why don't you try sending the link this blog post to their media affairs dept, and see if anything comes of that -

  5. Kalee,

    So sorry to hear about this. It is not our practice to mess up, and it is our practice to do what we have to do to make things right. I will have someone contact you and do whatever it takes.

    ( CEO)

  6. Ladies, I love you all! I was so down last night after we discovered the problem, and angry. My Aunt orders from them all the time without any problems (in fact our kitchen knives were a wedding gift from there!).

    Patrick, thank you for reading this. I really hope my opinion of your company is improved.

  7. I've ordered a pair of sneakers and they came exactly as I wanted them. I'm waiting on a duvet set that I ordered last week. My fingers are crossed...
    Hope you finally get the right rug =)

  8. Absolutely DO NOT use Overstock. They make NO guarantees for "processing" time and they will not cancel your order. They have the worst customer support. Typical response time is "1-2 days". Stick to Amazon or you will regret it.