Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What 20 Minutes Can Do

I went on a rampage tonight re-arranging furniture and making plans.  However my greatest achievement was this:  simply gathering up the things in our bathroom and making them look pretty.  And G loved it, even with the girly touches!  We have shelves next to our shower in our bathroom, and they drive me a little batty.  They're not deep enough (something we intend to fix) and it's a very tall opening in my wall.  But I took three of the shelves and transformed them into an organized space.

Now everything is easily accessible (I can admit we've pretty much been living out of our black travel bags), and looks more put together.  And it was all either free or inexpensive!  The silver plated tray that our perfume and colognes are on I picked up for less than $2.  The milk glass perfume bottle bust is something from my grandmama's home.  The glass holding the cotton swabs actually has a beautiful "S' monogram (our last name) that I picked up from the thrift store for $.66.  The wooden tray I picked up (originally planned to use it in the guest room, now am looking for another) for less than $2.  And the goldtone tray is a mirror that I picked up for around $3.  Less than $10 to transform our little space.  I cannot wait to finish the bathroom and show you the final look (for now)!  I love that I am doing this on a tight budget, and finding creative ways to please our eye.  

Have you added anything special to your home recently?  Anything you are looking for?  


  1. Again - I love the new blog wallpaper - gorgeous colours and swirls!

    I love it when I organise a space in an effective yet beautiful way. It may be simple - but it guarantees to lift my mood! whether it be straightening a bookcase, my pantry, clothes or even my fridge (with egg cups and a lazy susan for the condiments and herbs in glasses!)


  2. Nice job! Love the colours of the new wallpaper too - although I really did like the old one too! :0) Have you spoken about your make-up before? I see that you have Nars cases - do you have the Orgasm blusher? I have heard so much about this but haven't been able to find it here. I have looked when passing through airports in Europe, even in a Sephora in France, but no luck - and I thought that he IS French!

  3. It looks lovely! I just love an organized, functional space that still looks nice. I have bathroom counter issues that way. And I am sorry to admit that my make-up is in an old "CD organizer" wire basket in a drawer in the bathroom - does not look lovely like yours! :)

    Oh and as a science teacher can I just say that using the beakers to hold the brushes just makes my heart happy for some reason. :)

  4. Thank you all so much for your great comments!

    Kaycee, we now own so many science things and I figured I might as well use them around the house!