Monday, February 15, 2010

Simple Valentine's Day

Because G is in class hardcore this week (including this weekend) we didn't figure on doing anything for Valentine's Day.  I can admit I am a scrooge when it comes to V-day and tend to see it simply as an over commercialized day where men are forced to be romantic for no other reason than it's expected on this one day.  But I digress.  Still, we try to be romantic so I decided on a couple simple things I wanted to do for G.
Then this morning I was curled up under the covers when he leaned over and kissed me goodbye on his way out.  I woke up enough that I rolled over to talk to him and to my surprise he had bought me Godiva truffles (a luxury that I won't spend the money on for myself).  I wasn't supposed to see them until way after he was gone, but this way he got to see my face!  It was completely unexpected and delightful!  Something G has been working on is expressing his love for me more, so I was surprised by this gesture.
Then while he was at work I decided to go ahead with my plan and print out a banner.  The Graphics Fairy had one with music and the word LOVE, which I thought was nice.  Hers had some white tissue paper and glitter, but I kept it simple and glued the letters to the music sheets and taped it going down our door.  G loved it!  He came into the bedroom with a huge smile (I had also attached a card I had printed out).  It was a great start to our evening, and he even brought a cupcake that a co-workers wife had brought!  We split that as we got ready.  
I had planned to go to our favorite Indian restaurant.  They have a buffet on weekends, so it was an affordable option with yummy food.  We were seated right away even though it was packed (which is why it being just the 2 of us rocked!).  And since everyone there knows us it was relaxing and unrushed (we ended up staying for about 2 hours).  A waiter who drives G crazy with jealousy came up to me as I was getting tea and told me I looked beautiful, he hadn't seen us in a while, and handed me a rose.  To G's relief as we were leaving (we closed the place down) we noticed a few other people who seemed like regulars had roses, though as G pointed out, none as pretty as mine, and he's pretty sure none of them were hunted down from across a room and complimented in the process.  Eh, he's my favorite waiter, always a confidence booster (he always has some compliment for me) and so G can get over his little jealousies!  I warned him I plan to come tons when I'm by myself while he deploys sometime this next year!  
We came home and opened some pink champagne and watched the Valentine's Day Supernatural episode (G is a sucker for their cheesy holiday episodes).  A not so late night since he has class again in the morning.  But it was lovely nonetheless, and we kept it simple.  

So, did any of you celebrate?  Do tell!


  1. I ripped up old nasty carpetting and tile in the kitchen, dining room and hallway getting ready for new flooring. Does that count?

  2. A very creative Valentine, you are! Hubby bought me lilies. They smell awesome and took me out to one of the local steak house. Love the chocolate mousse there.

  3. For a non-fan of Valentine's Day, you had a FANTASTIC and romantic Valentine's. Very sweet!!!

    We went to Descanso gardens and then to a lovely place for a Valentine's tea. It was perfect.

  4. I feel much the same way about Valentines Day as you do. We had a relaxing dinner with friends and then home to a warm house with a cozy fire.

  5. My Boys were both Cranky so valentines day was a day I spend tip toeing. Sorry I have been so quiet lately.