Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventures in Military Life

Well, lovely.  I was in the 98.4F range last night but still coughing horribly.  I couldn't sleep so I cleaned our bathroom and re-organized everything.  Then came to bed, woke G up and he ran downstairs and got me cold water and frozen strawberries (sucking on them has seemed to help my throat).  I settled in, watched some t.v. and finally was able to get comfortable enough to doze off and sleep well until about 9 this morning (after being woken up at 6 by G checking to see if I was coming to work with him today....I looked at him, smiled, and said "What do you think?"  I don't even remember his answer, I passed back out).  This morning I woke up, freezing.  It's a sunny day, and the house has been warmer lately (we have it set to 55 but it's been 61 downstairs which means up here it's closer to 65 which is warm to us), but I was shivering.  Damn.  I took my temperature and it was 100.8F.  Not good.  I'm able to suppress the coughing on my own for the most part, but yesterday's horrid coughing has left me with a very sore chest/sternum.  

Feeling like I perhaps needed a nurse to take care of me, I called G at work.  Or attempted to.  I barely could speak to say his name, and then had to repeat.  I asked him to come home, and he, realizing how bad I sounded got permission to come home.  I still stubbornly didn't want to see a doctor (for a person who once wanted to be a doctor I sure don't like seeing them!).  Then I conceded and Garret called the base clinic.

That's the lovely part, apparently when they switched G to the medical system here they didn't switch me (even though it was all the same paperwork).  I'm still listed as TRICARE Europe.  So I cannot be seen on base.  So now I have an appt. at Walter Reed hospital this afternoon.  I'm hoping it's just something like bronchitis or whatnot.  Other than the fever I don't have any signs of infection, so that's good.

And yes, I am well aware it's nuts to be blogging right now, but eh, I can't do anything other than lie in bed on the computer.  So you all get the tale as it occurs (hmm, maybe I should pull a celebrity moment and tweet from the hospital....wait, they don't allow cell phones in hospitals.  Too bad.) Hope everyone else is feeling right as rain (though several members of my family spread throughout the U.S. have been sick with fevers this week, hmm.)


  1. Hope the appointment goes well and they can do something to help you! Feel better!

  2. I hope you come back with some news, I want you to feel better.