Friday, March 12, 2010

Feeling Much Better

Last night G got very, very worried.  After we got home from the hospital I took a nap, awaking around 9 p.m.  I was freezing (a sign of fever), so immediately put cool cloths on my forehead and my chest/belly.  I took my temp and it was 101.8, very high for me (in comparison, my fever broke today and I am back in the 97 degree range).  I had him call my daddy who told him to start me a tepid shower and to watch and make sure I didn't get light headed.  G also began looking up directions to the John Hopkins ERs.  I took a tepid shower, then came back and kept the cool cloths going and took my tylenol and Mucinex.  The nurse practitioner had diagnosed me with a virus, either flu or sever cold.  During my exam, because of my symptoms I looked awesome like this:
My temp. went down a degree after the shower and so I began with the cool cloths again and eventually fell asleep.  The medicine helped a lot, and I woke up this morning coughing, but my temp was down in the 98-99 range.  I'm still feeling like a mack truck hit me, but have been able to get out a little bit to do grocery shopping and drink some tea.  

I really feel that this came at a horrible time for us, trying to fix our marriage.  But ironically, whether it was meant to be a blessing or a curse, it worked out well for us.  Garret was very attentive taking care of me, and I continued the Love Dare, even ill.  He still hasn't gotten his chocolate, but he was pleased that that was what I had planned.  (and we're picking it up for him this weekend, hopefully)  There is so much to do around the house, but this weekend he's going to be working at some unpacking with me supervising (since too much seems to wear me out and leave me light headed).  And hopefully we can finish organizing some things and get a few items bought for the house.  I'm hoping to have our new bedroom set up complete and the guest bedroom finished before my parents come out in April.  

Thank you all for your comments of support and well wishes, they made me smile (or was that me delirious from fever?).  I am truly, truly blessed.  


  1. That does not sound like fun at all - I am glad you are starting to feel better though! Keep taking it easy until you are 100%. And I agree with you that it may have been a nice thing for your marriage (though no fun to be sick), I think it certainly gives us an opportunity to step up with the other is sic.

  2. I am glad you are starting to feel better and love the mask.