Saturday, March 13, 2010

Looking Forward To October!

So I just registered to attend the Relevant Conference!  I am super, super excited!  I am planning on looking for others to room with, not only to save money, but to get a full experience of really getting to know these women!  

This past year has killed me.  My marriage and my life in general have suffered blows and struggles, many I haven't even begun to talk about.  It's been a hard road, but one that ironically led me to a place where my faith is stronger than ever.  Things are not perfect, today we realized we had a roof leak, right on top of our dining room light fixture.  I freaked out terrified that if we hadn't caught it, it would have caused a house fire and could have killed us or our dogs, but G stepped in, called the guy and is having it taken care of (once the rain's been torrential here).  We still have things we're struggling with, but taking it day by day.  

The Relevant Conference will give me a chance to connect with some bloggers I look up to for how they are are wives and mothers.  To connect with women who like myself try and do so much, and do so joyfully (obviously something I am working on).  I was excited months and months ago when Sarah Mae mentioned putting together a conference, I even told G right then and there that I wanted to go.  And he has been supportive the whole way (though Lord only knows what he will do with himself with a whole weekend without me!).  Lately I questioned whether or not I would fit in (I am painfully shy at times, and it tends to come across as snobby), but decided that I needed to get over it and start being the woman I want to be.  I asked G today "What if I decide I don't want to go later?"  His response?  "You'll go anyways."  He's not being cruel or unkind, simply stating that he knows I need to go.  And I'm trusting that old phrase of my maman's "Everything happens for a reason."  


  1. I always chicken out of things I plan on doing. I hate it! I just get so scared!

  2. Enjoy it I loved Mom 2.0, I can't wait for EVO '10. I am working on getting to go.

  3. i think that's going to be great. you're going to have so much fun meeting other bloggers.