Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hopefully sometime in either April or early May I will be hosting a brunch in my home.  It will be the first large scale party I've done in a while, so I am a wee bit nervous.  But I would like to invite some of the wonderful people I've met through our brunching group into my home to celebrate Spring.  G and I are still deciding how we want to do it, whether we want to host a potluck brunch with people bringing food items to share while we provide the coffee, tea and liquor (and I'll probably make a quiche or two).  Or if we want to simply host the whole thing, with me making croissants, quiche, fruit tarts, chocolate mousse, and having all the drinks.  Either way would be fun, I only thought of the potluck one as a way to allow people to bring their "specialty" and mix up the flavors.  

My question is this:  brunch is a laid back affair.  I was wanting to do some fun, elaborate socialite invitations (our group is called The Faux Socialites).  But I'm wondering if that would be too formal?  

And, bonus question:  If you were heading to a potluck brunch and asked to make an item, what would you make (or buy and keep that bit a secret!)?


  1. I say go big and do it up as big as you want. If you asked me to bring something? I would buy the best croissants I could find and then I would buy a gourmet jam and then put it in a jelly jar and then I would create a label in a gorgeous font that said, "From Belette's kitchen to yours!"

  2. I agree - go big. if your group is called 'the Faux Socialites' then everyone in it must have a similar sense of fun and occasion as you guys. We so rarely get a chance to dress up (unless we actively choose to) these days - I think most people would welcome a chance to step it up a level.

    As for what to bring......croissants or muffins or crumpets are easy choices, but if they were taken by other people, my thoughts would turn to breakfast foods for brunch - eggs, bacon, avocado etc But how do you bring those????

    Just a thought - why not make it a "High Tea" brunch? Or just a mid-morning High Tea? Dressing up for that is then implied (dresses etc) Then people can bring scones, croissants, muffins, mini quiches or mini savoury tarts, sandwiches with the crusts cut off sweet little petit fours......the list is endless! You could even allocate people to bring certain things in the invite if you wanted: ie "please bring a selection of petit fours" or "please bring a slection of pastries". Or if you wanted to leave it open for them to choose maybe include the list above and say something from that, or any other dish you think will improve the tea!