Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Love My Maman

My mother has now discovered my blog and reads all the posts (hello Maman!).  I love my mom more than I ever thought I would (boy did we have some rough years when I was younger).  She cracked me up earlier today when talking about my feet hurting from D.C.  I defended myself saying I had to look cute.  Her response made me smile:  "I've never seen you walk out of the house not looking cute!"  Mind you, I get my need to be put together when in public from her!  Woman doesn't go to the grocery store for cough meds without her hair being curled and her make-up on!  We're more alike than either of us think about!


  1. I think I told my parents as soon as I started my blog. Also I mad sure to tell them if I posted something about them.

  2. Ha! Don't even get me started on how many times I tried to get her here! She doesn't really quite understand blogging. Or the internet. Or the computer. It's part of her charm. :)

  3. Whatever...my darling daughter. As to your first post...you will always look better going out in public than I...always...no matter how hard I try! And as to your second comment - no, I don't understand blogging, however, I do find it an interesting read...but yours is the only one I read mind you (lol...I don't know how to get to anyone elses)...now about the internet and the computer....watch your step sister!!!! I love you & miss you so much it makes my heart hurt...