Saturday, March 27, 2010

Date Night

So G and I had the best night out since we've been back from England.  We got all dolled up, with me taking the time to shave my legs (oh the horror!) and moisturize to be all soft and smooth.

(G looks funny, so I had to post this!)

These shoes got me through the night!
G says, buckle up for safety, kids!

Dinner was at Clementines, which we will do a review of on our review blog, The Rambling Reviewers, but let's just say it was delicious from appetizer to dessert.  I died and went to heaven momentarily.  Everyone kept asking us if we had big plans for the evening.  I guess we were a bit dressed up, but since I was wearing a dress from Target that I got for less than $10 a couple months ago I just thought I made a little effort.  G was cracking me up though.  I asked him if I was overdressed on the way there and his response was awesome, though maybe only to those who know us, or know our New Year's Eve from this year:

G:  Overdressed?  No.  Now if you had been "keeping it classy like Miley Cyrus" you might have been a bit overdressed, but you look great.
This was my escargot with shitake mushrooms and shallots in a dijon thyme sauce with toast points.
This was the pic I took because "these are so awesome I am going to shove some in my mouth, grab my wine and snap away!"

Then after dinner we headed back here where I drank Grey Goose and apple cider (known in our home from now on as a cidertini) and some Grey Goose with unsweetened (a.k.a. tart as hell) cranberry juice and chatted with my best friend.  We discussed important things like dogs as children and our need to go to Burning Man.  
Red lips for the night!
We headed to a club near base, that was whoa expensive for what it was so we won't be going back.  $20 for the 2 of us to get in, and $30 for 2 grey goose and red bull.  Craziness.  Like I said, we won't be going back.  I had fun dancing, though my feet are killing me today!  We figured with it being a club near base there would be a lot of military people, but we stuck out a bit.  I did get compliments on my belt as always, which makes me glad I bought it (with a giftcard so it didn't cost me anything!).  

Overall a fun night, and we're heading to D.C. in a bit.  I'm thrilled to get to go to a museum.  Sunday will bring rain, but we're planning on sleeping in, going to a later mass.  Tomorrow afternoon we have brunch here in town where G might be having a fried PB&J with ice cream for dessert.  Me?  I'm planning on sipping on some mimosas while enjoying this fabulous life.  Hope everyone is having a wholly satisfying weekend!


  1. The escargot looks amazing and so do you. I am so happy to hear that you had a lovely night out. You so deserved it! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I am glad you had an amazing night together. These nights help make the rough days seem a little more bearable.

  3. Ladies, the dinner was fabulous and the weekend amazing! I hope you both had as good of weekends!