Friday, March 26, 2010

To Buy Or Not To Buy

As we wait for our tax return (in annoyance, we mailed it the first week of Feb., they're just now processing it and telling us we'll get it around April 27th.  I think the government is trying to stall.)  I have been thinking about what we will do with it.  I can say that the $8,000 tax credit for the house is going into an account to sit.  But that leaves a bit left over, and we have been making plans.  We know we want to install a water softener attached to our water heater.  That has been decided.  But what has us going round and round (well, me actually, G would buy it in an instant) is the Dyson Animal.
I am worried it's a ridiculous purchase, we only have 3 rooms with carpeting, and only one (our bedroom) that the dogs are allowed into.  I think the Animal is for hardwood too, and if so, that would be fantastic.  But just in our bedroom alone I fill the Dirt Devil canister up any time I vacuum because Sophie sheds like no other dog I've ever known.  Prickly black hairs everywhere!  
But $400-$500 for a vacuum?  Eeek!  Even when I think about how long they are supposed to last, it freaks me out a bit.  And then I wonder if we should do the Dyson Animal DC17 Upright Cyclone, or the Dyson Animal Ball?  Or what about the Dyson Animal DC31 handheld?  Because I'm thinking that would come in handy for furniture (I like whites.  Sophie likes my furniture.  It's a big problem.).  
So, does anyone have any experience with the Dyson Animal?  What about the Dyson Ball?  Is it a pain in the rear or has it saved your housecleaning sanity?  Please shout out, and if you know of others who own them, I'd love their opinions as well!

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  1. I have a Dyson ball (not sure of the model number). It cleans really well. My only complaint is it's heavy so with your stairs it might be heavy bringing it up and down.

  2. Craig Ferguson keeps joking about the Dyson guy and his obsession with "the proper amount of suction". At first I was just laughing at the Dyson guy. Now I find myself wanting one.

  3. Both my sister's got Dyson's as wedding presents. They swear by them and they are still going strong years later. I have a similar dilemma to you - I only have a small carpeted area, and no pets so the vaccuming load isn't that high. As such , spending that amount on a vacuum seems madness, but my sisters say it'll be the best decision I ever made......,.


  4. Girl, I'm the same way...constantly thinking about getting the all floor Dyson. I drool over it at Target....

  5. I am onto my second dyson and would never go back to any other vacuum, and most of our floors are tile, not carpet. my first dyson died after 7 years when my toddler decided to vacuum up a drink he spilled. i didn't know whether to applaud him for housekeeping, or cry for my dyson.

    if you get the dyson, vacuum your carpet first with your old vacuum, and then follow straight away with your dyson - you will be amazed with how much more is still picked up from the "clean" carpet.