Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Would Do A Happy Dance

If I felt like I wouldn't get dizzy and make myself worse!  G called me today while at work to let me know that his higher up (whom I really need to send a thank you package to!) told the Air Force to get over themselves, they weren't giving G up for him to go on a deployment.  There was silence on the phone, and he thought I was under-reacting, but it was because I had the stupid thermometer in my mouth.

As of now, no whooping and hollering or it will send me into a coughing fit, but I am excited on the inside like a 5 year old on their first trip to Disney World!  This means he won't be gone for 6 months (something I was not too pleased about since his deployments here should generally only be 3 months), and I'll get him for Christmas (unless he leaves on a 3 month one, but I can deal).  

I'm still optimistic that we're gonna make this work, and we have so many plans for this next year.  I am thanking God that He saw our need to be together and not have this stress added to our plate.