Monday, March 8, 2010


So today I have been the type of wife I long to be.  I've been pleasant, smiling, hell I even stayed calm when G broke the news that there is a possibility he'll be deploying for 6 months in August.  I figure why worry until we know, and even then it won't change anything.  For those who know me IRL, this is a HUGE step for me.  Normally, I would have exploded, angry at the world.  Instead I curled up with him and told him we'd work it out.  I pulled brownies out of the oven just a little bit ago, put the chicken in to roast, and have already prepped the seasoning for the tomatoes.  

And G was wonderful enough to pick up what groceries I needed then go back when I decided I needed tomatoes (he loves the roasted tomatoes!) and then hunted down cough drops for me.  I got a scratchy slightly sore throat last night (the kind where you constantly feel like you need to clear your throat).  Today I woke up feeling off, but pushed past it, it was Day 1 of the Love Dare!  Nothing was going to stop me!  Until just now when my husband felt my forehead, said I felt warm.  I brushed it off, mentioning that I was cooking over a hot stove.  Then as I accepted that my whole body hurts, my lungs hurt, and my head is a little off I asked for the thermometer.  It read 99.7!  For me, that is a definite fever, I normally run in the 96-97 range, and at best I am a perfect 98.6, but that's rare.  So I have a fever, and am hurting, but I will persevere!  This dinner is still on, and perhaps the wine will knock me out enough to let me get some sleep (I had trouble last night).

What is ironic is what G just pointed out.  Over Christmas my entire household got the flu.  The kind where G couldn't keep things down for a couple of days, and my maman spent them in bed, not moving.  I played mommy to my niece since I was the only one unaffected.  I never got it, even when I was in constant contact with cleaning up, and putting cold cloths on their foreheads.  But this?  Eh, it's probably just something small, at worst bronchitis, we'll see.  Pray for us please!

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  1. Oh I hate being sick! I hope you feel better soon. I am always the 'one' who doesn't get sick too. Well, until this year! I have been sick more often this year than i think I have been in the rest of my life combined!