Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Round One

Today G is tacking on Staff. Sgt (well, this afternoon, after the duty day).  He was halfway down the list in the entire Air Force, but number 2 in his career field (out of over 100).  It was his first time testing and he has every reason to be proud.  Unfortunately he's so worried about us he could care less.  And he should be.  Today is the day, and I've already vented to both our mothers.  

We apparently have afternoon plans of which he will tell me nothing other than we will go home to change first.  I'm dressed up, because I'm helping tack him on......a barbaric activity which includes slugging him in the arm while people take pictures.  So I will need to switch into jeans.  He says it's the big surprise this afternoon, and then we are headed home this evening for part 2.  Which I now know what it was supposed to be, but because he might change his mind I'll refrain from sharing.

So it turns out that we are supposed to have been home around 6.  I ask him what's for dinner.  Silence.  He forgot the detail of feeding us.  And we have no back up plan food in the house except the quiche which he says we're not eating.  So he is now at work panicking, quickly trying to plan dinner.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Honestly I'm hoping it means dinner out, since his cooking skills are limited and I can tell it's a "you're not going to cook" night.  (the thing is he wasn't planning on us eating lunch either as when he's nervous he won't eat. So I would have been ravenous and a complete bitch this evening had I realized then we weren't eating anything.)

If I didn't love him I would have taken him back for exchange a long time ago!  I was irritated as all get out this morning (working on 2 1/2 hrs of sleep here), but by the time I was on the phone with his mother I was laughing, because it really is that ridiculous.  We're foodies, we eat.  :)

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