Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Support That Is Easy

Last fall, Love brought home Clayton.  And he's amazing.  I often read her blog and then share things with my husband over coffee.  Like the time recently when he shared a cheese cube with his sister Bianca.  Small miracles people.  

G and I believe in families, no matter how they are made.  A post is coming up soon on this topic, more in depth.  But families can be a bit expensive to make, whether it's hospital bills or paperwork and red tape.  This fall Love was selling coffee cup cozies to help raise money for adoption fees, and I immediately jumped on that.  We put it on our ceramic travel mug, and I carried it all day yesterday.  I'm waiting for the moment when someone asks about it, because I want to talk about it.  How there are so many children without homes.  What people can do.  What I can do.  

So I snapped this pic while at Panera.  G loves this cozy (he mentioned it a time or two yesterday).  It makes the cup comfy, and he likes the image.  But mostly we like that it supported someone we think is awesome (and her awesome family of 7!).  


  1. I wish I would have been able to get one of these, but I did get one of the necklaces.

  2. Oh the cheese cube story was so amazing! Such steps he has taken and how loved he must feel.

    I bought a bracelet for myself for Christmas from her. :)

  3. Very cool! I am off to follow the link.

  4. i bookmarked this to come back to. SO SWEET. thank you. i love your encouraging words. and just peeked at a bunch of the happenings around two are adorable.