Friday, March 19, 2010

Things That Have Been On My Mind Lately

* I am unsure as to what type of mom I'm gonna be someday.  My puppies?  The girls and I spend the days lying about in bed (literally, Audrey groans if I try to move her, and I woke up to Sophie being the little spoon this morning even though she's not technically allowed in bed).  How on earth am I going to ever want to adjust to having a baby demand I get up?  

* I'm having trouble adjusting to my looks lately.  At Sephora I was trying on a new concealer (Laura Mercier, and yes, I love it!) when it hit me again, my face is different.  I have found I avoid looking at my face too much lately, since it freaks me out to glance and feel like I look different and have no idea how to make-up my face.

* This adjustment does not apply to my body.  Sure, I'm losing weight.  But reality?  I lose it evenly all over so until I can tone better (and currently crunches are a no-no) I look the same no matter my size.  

* Blogging is entirely narcisistic, there is no real way to avoid that.  But I have a hard time with it, never knowing how to talk about my life without sounding horribly self-centered.  

* My hair and scalp are magically doing better lately and I have no idea why.  Maybe because the weather is less dry?  Who the hell cares I guess, I'm just thankful it's better.  

* I'm helping tack on G next month for Staff Sgt. and I get an escort to go on the complex.  Am I mildly tempted to run off like a mad woman and explore?  Yes, of course, but I'm pretty sure their security would shoot me and ask questions later.  Eh.  I am wearing some lovely Calvin Klein pants though, surprisingly, instead of a dress.  G warned me it's going to be more casual.  Hmm.....are red lips too much?

* I'm going to a brunch on Saturday that is at a southern style restaurant serving chicken and waffles (I think fried chicken and waffles).  It sounds interesting, my only concern if they have real maple syrup, and if not, will they be pissed if I bring my own?

* I have the most amazing family and friends, and it makes me sad how little I talk to most of them.  I need to step up my communication skills.

* And finally, a friend told me a huge thing.  I even wrote a post (unpublished) about my reaction to it.  The thing is, that without sharing, I want to shout to the world how brave this person is, how amazed I am at their strength.  They were afraid I might be disappointed in them, but I have never loved them more.  


  1. I think the same thing with blogging and not being to self-centered.
    Oh, since you mentioned communication, I'm so bad at that besides keeping in contact with my sister.

  2. I agree with blogging but it is my outlet. Also good thing on the hair.