Friday, March 19, 2010

Goals For This Weekend

* Go running every day (it's supposed to rain this weekend, but we can hit up the gym to run on the treadmill--- and yes I said we, because G has a PT test coming up next month he needs to begin preparing for).

* Not yell at the husband. 

* Not eat an entire box of cheez-its just because they're there and so very yummy!

* Have a fabulous time at brunch, being more social.

* Clean/organize the living room and bedroom.  If I can achieve this I'll take pics.  Currently they are disasters!

* Print out plans to build bookcases for our office.....we have thousands of books, so this is a huge project.

* Finish my desk.  It's taking forever, mainly because I'm afraid of screwing it up.  But we bought these cool bulletin boards (one for each of us) and I want to put the office area together.  

* Read The Swan Thieves so I can review it.  

Do you have any goals for this weekend?  Any advice on avoiding the cheez-its?  


  1. Move the cheez-its away from reach.. outta sight outta mind....
    Get rid of said cheez-its lol...
    Find out the exercise equivalent of eating the cheese-its ( what it would take to burn those calories)- This is a good/bad thing to do sometimes... McD's Ice cream only requires 19 minutes on the tread mill to burn off.. Replace the cheez-its with healthier option i.e. sliced veggies...or natural popped popcorn..

  2. OH MY GOSH Cheez-its. YUM. I love the white cheddar ones. I have no tips to get rid of the cheez-its... aside from eating them all and I don't think that's what you were going for. :)

    Have a great weekend! Hope you get lots of this done!

  3. Eat it all up and don't buy it again...well for awhile. Did it with the chips, soda and those Pepperidge Farm cookies, ohhhhhh. Did that help at all to eat them all up, LOL, like Kaycee said.

    Happy goal-ing and yay for you for going runninging!

    No goals for this weekend but just to enjoy time with friends.