Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dinner Tonight

With spring comes the craving for lighter foods.  So tonight we decided fish and veggies were on the menu.  We got lucky and it was the expiration date for some fresh salmon from the U.K. and so we got over 2 pounds for less than $10.  We're cooking it tonight and plan to eat it all weekend.  We also picked up some purple potatoes, some vine ripened tomatoes, and some asparagus.  

The salmon was roasted with Maille dijon mustard, and thiny sliced lemons and onions.
The asparagus was roasted with some olive oil and freshly ground salt and pepper.  

And the potatoes are roasted with some olive oil and garlic and will be salted when they come out.  I'd roast them in goose/duck fat, but alas I think I am going to have to order some offline, I haven't found it in stores here.
The tomatoes are making a simple starter, with some salt and pepper.  Simplicity is best sometimes.  This meal and some sparkling wine are helping to celebrate the beginning of a weekend full of sunshine!
Some comments from dinner:

G once he realized he ate all the salmon first: I blame the alcohol.  Poor impulse control.  

G when I stole a piece of asparagus because I was out, and he had been discussing communism and taking from the haves and giving to the have nots (in relation to eating my salmon): Communist.

And when I realized I had a heart shaped spot on my pants that we assumed was a stain, he responded:  Because it's heart healthy fish oil.  
And G decided to draw a chalk smiley face under my plate when I wasn't looking so that I would see it when I cleared the table:
Lovely evening so far, we're now cleaning up the kitchen and giggling like a bunch of fools!  Happy weekend!


  1. That salmon looks amazing. I am glad you guys had a nice evening.

  2. Hello! (long-time-no-comment!!)

    Dinner looks amazing - but tell me - if you did have duck fat, how would you use it to roast the potatoes? And could you do this with normal potatoes, or only purple??


  3. Oh, how cute of G leaving a chalky smiley face:) The dinner sounds simply amazing! I never had purple potatoes before. They have it in Bangkok, but it costs a fortune, so will have to wait. I'm happy that you guys are giggling like a bunch of fools, hehehehehehe.
    Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them!