Sunday, March 21, 2010

A New Venture

Something G and I have been discussing since we were still in England, was the concept of blogging together.  Obviously our daily are lives are set forth here, and for a while we tossed about the idea of doing restaurant reviews together to help other foodies.  But let's face it, while we eat out a lot, and we do go to different places, we often stick to tried and true loves.  Last night while conversing over coffee, debating a wide assortment of topics (from parenting styles, books, food, and religious groups) I came up with the idea of doing all sorts of reviews, not limiting ourselves in the least.  It also gives us a chance to spout off on a variety of things, and really, that's what we love to do in our free time.  

So, please feel free to visit us over at The Rambling Reviewers.  We are looking forward to some great debate on some topics in the future!

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