Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tourist Attire

On Me:
Dress:  Gap
Boots: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Tights:  TJMaxx
Scarf:  Thrifted in England
Jacket: H&M, thrifted
Necklace:  Vintage, my grandmother's
Sunglasses:  Target
Purse:  Coach

On G:
Button Down:  French Connection
Jeans:  Gap
Shoes:  Sketchers (he wears these all the time, I need to start hunting for a replacement for when the time comes that they die on him.)
Watch:  Bulova (my Christmas gift to him when we were engaged, it's engraved)
Sunglasses:  D&G
Jacket:  Old Navy

We managed to get dressed today without one of us having to change because we were wearing the same colors (though notice we're both in stripes, go figure).  This was the first time I paired that dress with those green tights, but I loved the colors together.  The jacket I threw on because I didn't want my green coat to clash with the tights, though later I realized the mistake in my vanity as I froze to near death.  This necklace is one of my favorites, it's heavy and adjustable and adds a pop of shine.  This scarf is a good standby of mine, I even wore it looped around my neck in Rome!  

G loves his French Connection shirts.  I need to pick more up for him, because they fit him so well.  Those sunglasses were the first pair he had tried on that didn't make him look like either a moron or a tool.  He's got a long face, and the squareness of these works wonderfully.  He generally forgets them, but I reminded him as we were walking out the door, and he was glad since the sun was bright today!

G and I do semi-dressy casual every day.  The places I am a regular at often ask if I'm heading to work, but nope, it's the type of clothes I like.  I knew better than to go tromping around D.C. in heels, but I looked good, and I wasn't willing to sacrifice my outfit I had planned.  I'm loving the fact that over the last couple of years I have really figured out what clothes I love.  Sometimes I see something in a store, try it on and it looks good, but I will be honest with myself and realize it just isn't "me."  This has helped my closet not be so bursting at the seams, and my clothes can be mixed and matched.  For D.C. we wanted a nicer look than jeans and tees with trainers, and though I would switch the shoes next time I would never be able to go more casual.  It just isn't me (or G for that matter!).


  1. Hi

    I represent a personal styling company; would your husband like to have a makeover, specifically hair?

  2. You both look fantastic and it looks like you are having a fantastic time.
    And, LOL! people are always asking me where I am going when they see me as if I am dressed for someplace special. Life is a special event, might as well dress for it.

  3. You made it to D.C.! Love your tourist attire. You're so cute:) Just got back from a trip, so I'm catching up.

  4. Anon-- My husband's first reaction was, "are you saying I'm ugly?" (sarcastically, he knows he needs a haircut). After that reaction he said, sure, where are they located, and can they do it by Wednesday to military standards? lol (he tacks on Staff Sgt. on Wednesday!)

    La Balette-- I so agree. I don't want to be run down by a D.C. cab and look horrible! Who wants that in the papers? Life is a special event, and I like to dress for it!

    Ping-- I can't wait to hear about your trip!