Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Climate Rally

 I thought the capitol looked amazing in the grey clouds.
After the Ella Fitzgerald event we headed over to the mall to attend the climate rally.  As we got close we realized The Roots were playing so we danced our way there.  I wish we'd been there early in the day to get prime spots, but it was good nonetheless.  
 There was something like 150,000 people here!
We got to listen to Joss Stone (who rocked it), as well as some we didn't know.  We ended up hearing a man named Robert Randolph that I liked enough to want to buy his music.  John Legend (with The Roots) was great as well.  We skipped seeing Sting with The Roots because we wanted out of there before the crowds hit the metro system.
Joss Stone
John Legend
James Cameron spoke and I got part of it on video.  However I missed filming when he said, "I'm going to task you with a task."  Which sucks since G and I looked at one another, laughed and I said, "And he writes things."  Eh, G pointed out he could be like him where he doesn't speak as well as he writes.  Fair enough.
 James Cameron and his wife

Overall it was an amazing day, and we will definitely be going again next year! 


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