Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, earlier this week over my morning coffee I was looking at dates and realized Oh My God, my birthday is on Sunday.  I mean, I seriously forgot (life has been a wee bit busy lately).  I've been thinking that the reason I forgot is that it matters so little to me.  I mean, it's nice to have a day that you can claim as "yours" but life goes on, and sometimes other things take priority.  

But I decided yesterday that this year is my year.  That there are some things I want to accomplish before I turn 27.  So as I go about making my list I'm preparing for my birthday.  Tonight through Saturday night I will be doing the leek soup thing from French Women Don't Get Fat.  It's a good way to make me feel all good and light (and who doesn't want to feel all light on their birthday?).  And since my major goal for this year of my life is to get down to the ideal weight for my height (ranging from 136-150) I figure it will be a nice jumpstart.  

So G is picking up leeks and a lemon for me tonight.  And we already have tentative plans for the weekend, so things are looking fantastic.  This year is the year, but more on that later.

Oh, and if anyone wants to get me Mireille Guiliano new book the French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook for my birthday, feel free.  I'm looking forward to more recipes!  

*EDIT*  I just decided screw it.  Seriously, I've lost 70 lbs without trying just by eating like I do.  I need to step it up and go running more and work on toning up, but I've made a major decision.  I like me.  I like how I look (with the exception of rare off days)  I'm not killing myself for even 2 days just to start eating the way I already eat.  Craziness.  Oh, and I'm starving so that might have something to do with it.  And wanting pate and wine at Clementines.  It biases me, I admit.  

The leeks will be cooked and I am sure I will eat them (and G will too if I'll share).  But I'm going to eat regular food too.  In nice healthy proportions.  


  1. Happy Birthday Kalee! Also have a blast and congrats on losing 70lbs!! I have to put FWDGF cb on my birthday wish lis but I think I'll get before that;)

  2. good for you Kbuggie.... I hope you have a fab gasp.. 26th.... ;) when did we get soo old lol....
    ya just have to find the right balance between food and exercise.. don't over do either one....
    Have a great one

  3. Losing 70 pounds is amazing. Be happy with your body and how you look as a woman is even MORE amazing. I agree you should not freak out and push yourself over a number. I say keep doing what you are doing - it's awesome.

  4. Good on you for making the sensible choice! Life's too short to take such drastic action. You are already doing the right thing - and you look fantastic! - let the rest come off in it's own time, when you are ready.

    In this vein I recommend a great book by Victoria Moran called 'Fit from Within', which gave me alot of "ah-ha!" moments. Actually her other book - "How to Live a Charmed Life" is also brilliant! (I think she has written others, but I haven't read them).

    But I think the list is a great idea. Often we have no idea how much we have achieved in the past year/month/decade unless we keep track of it, or write lists. I always have one on the go - usually as NY resolutions or birthday resolutions!

    I hope you publish yours on the blog - I would love to see what's in store for Kaylee over the next 12 months!


  5. I should add - I have the complete opposite approach to you to birthdays! I often feel like I am always focusing on others and so rarely on me in life, that when my birthday used to come around and (sometimes) people would forget or be late with cards/presents, I would get upset inside, but never want to make a fuss, or make them feel bad so I would say it was fine, but then have nothing special from my family or boyfriend or friends on the day! (I know - what lousy family/boyfriend/friends! But of course, I understand that sometimes life gets very busy and people forget or need to prioritise the less essential. I should add - everyone always calls! but as my birthday is on a minor holiday, usually they have plans with their partner, or their effort has gone into making plans for that day for the holiday).

    So I decided that each birthday I would make it special for me, so I wouldn't care if people forgot or were late with gifts etc.

    So since then, I always buy myself a birthday present - usually something completely frivolous that I have wanted for awhile but not gotten because of the price/inconvenience etc.

    I also make sure I have great plans for the day - whether it be attending Shakespeare by the Sea and a picnic dinner with friends or if it falls on a workday, I take the day off work and have a lovely day to myself with massages, pedicures etc and ending curled up with a favourite new book or DVD.

    I think it probably sounds a bit selfish, now that I have typed it out above and really articulated what I do! But it works for me - and I have one day a year where I spoil myself....and I really am the best person to spoil myself, as I know what I want!