Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting Out There

Lunch today was a small bowl of couscous with shornakhod on top with a bit of organic sour cream.  Enjoyed a petite glass of wine with it and a bottle of pellegrino.  

Have to head out to a Barnes and Noble this afternoon with G to pick up the book for my book club meeting tomorrow night.  Last minute I know, but I thought the meeting was next week!  Luckily it should be a quick read and we're doing mexican food so I'm bringing salsa.  It will be my first meeting, and I super excited.  

It will be my first time going out without G since moving here.  We both have a tendency to use each other as a crutch in social situations, so I'm a wee bit nervous.  I used to be extremely social, but I think experiences in England kinda burned me on the "putting myself out there."  But last night was great, so I'm trying to remain brave.  

I began this blog as a place to be me, no apologies, and somewhere along the way I lost sight of that.  I began to worry what people reading it might think.  I began to become self-conscious, even on here, a place where I know very few of the readers in real life (though many I would love to meet!).  No more.  I'm me, welcome to my little place to record my life.  I am not always perfect, I have doubts and insecurities I try and hide but I make no apologies for them, they happen to the best of us.  The book we are reading for book club is Deadline, about a high school boy who finds out he's dying before his senior year and decides to throw caution to the wind and live, really live, his life.  I think it's a great story for me to be reading right now.  I'm throwing caution to the wind and getting out there.  

How about you?  Choosing to be brave this year and do something you've always wanted to do?  

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