Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Friends

I got together with a new friend yesterday afternoon and her husband invited me and G to dinner.  He made chicken parmesan that was to die for yummy, and we ate a salad and some garlic bread.  And we drank.  A lot.  Hmm, maybe not the best decision as I am exhausted today.  But still up and dressed, so point for Kalee!

It was so nice to just get out and meet a couple who we clicked with.  It was laid back, we had fun, and I think we're headed to their son's first birthday party on Sunday.  She's making Spanish food so I offered to make some salsa to bring.  Her son is so stinkin' cute and of course G thinks he's the bees knees! 

The best part of all was that G got out of his shell.  He and her husband had time to just sit and chat and G really liked both of them!  We ended up drinking more and watching a comedy show where I remember talking too loud, so hopefully next time I will remember that I no longer weigh what I did nor drink often and so I'll feel perfectly fine and then it will hit me.  G laughs and calls me a lightweight, and for a girl who used to be able to drink the frat boys under the table it still shocks me.  Basically I'm just hoping I didn't act too much of a fool.  

Writing more today and just letting myself lounge a bit.  It's super hot here in Baltimore, enough that you just melt onto the nearest piece of furniture.  (actually that's why we were drinking ice cold beers to cool off!)  I've experienced this sort of heat and humidity before, but never this early, and never so close after a freezing cold winter.  It's gonna be cold food from here on out for the most part.  Cold soups, salads, cold pasta.  And lots and lots of lemon water and sweet tea!

On an end note we also drank to my mother last night!  She called and told me that it was unofficial, but that she had won the election for school board back home!  I cannot begin to describe how amazing my maman is going to be at this!  She's had 4 kids go through this school system, has always been active, and she's already planning to kick butt on some ridiculous financial decisions.  You cannot cancel good teacher's contracts to save money, then blow money on huge lunches and dinners on the school district's dime.  I am so super proud of her, as always!


  1. Hee hee! I do this up with potential new friends wanting them to like me and drink too much. Then I spend the next day hoping I didn't make too much of a fool of myself and wondering and regretting if I really should have said/did this or that! Oh will know the people you are meant to know I guess!

  2. Thank God I'm not the only one. I just get so nervous!

  3. It's so nice to make friends as a couple, especially when you are still relatively new to an area. If you like them you may like their other friends and soon you'll have a good social life going.