Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just What I Needed....

Another little black dress.  I have at least a dozen black dresses, including a beautifully simply maxi dress I plan to wear out to a BBQ this summer.  But tonight we were at Burlington Coat Factory picking G up a pair of black pants and I found a Maggy London Dress I fell in love with:
Image from Nordstrom

I love black.  Simple and classic.  It looks good on pretty much everyone, and for me personally it contrasts so much with my pale skin that it makes me glow.  (in a good way).  And I got the dress for less than 1/3 of the cost of Nordstroms!  

Does anyone else have a problem not buying a black dress?  (I nearly bought 1 other tonight)    Cheap or expensive it matters not, as long as it looks good! 

Favorite black dress or memory of one?  For me personally I have one dress that now is several sizes too big but I still have it and plan to have it altered down because it's one that I have worn for many special things, including dinner with G in London while we were engaged.

I really should take a photo of the black dress section of my closet....


  1. Actually I am kind of jealous - I have the HARDEST time finding the perfect little black dress. Let alone more than one! :) I did have a most lovely and perfect one that I wore to my wedding rehearsal and loved. Unfortunately it doesn't fit after having my daughter, and I don't think it could be altered to fix the few issues! But I loved that dress. :)

  2. That is funny because I thought I was the only one with "the black dress problem!" I don't set out to shop for LBD's, I just happen on them! I'm happy to hear I have a partner in my addiction. :)
    A wonderful day to you!

  3. I have only one and it is a strapless Ann Taylor and I love it.