Saturday, April 24, 2010


We ran out of whole coffee beans.  I know, madness, right?  But it's okay because we still have several ( I think 4) large tins of loose leaf Earl Grey.  And the next shipment is in June.  When 6 more large tins will appear on our doorstep.  I'm thinking with all this tea left I almost need to start mailing it out to friends in little baggies with instructions on how to brew it without a strainer.  Ha! 

It got me thinking, do my readers drink tea or coffee?  Neither?  Both?  I really want to know.  

If you drink coffee, do you have a favorite brand/kind?  Whole bean or already ground?  Black or with sugar/cream?  

If you drink tea, what type?  Or are you more of the non-tea but likes to think it is chamomile type?  

And if you drink neither, is it because the taste, the caffeine, or like my maman you don't like hot drinks any time of the year?  

For myself I drink both.  I prefer to grind my own coffee bean to whatever degree depending on what method I am using to make it (espresso pot, french press, stovetop percolator).  I can handle tea bags or Earl Grey, but only if I have to, and then I prefer the Brit bags to the American ones (they're stronger and seem to have better leaves).  At home we have an amazing tea strainer that holds the leaves in but makes a strong pot.  I've never had any herbal infusions like chamomile but think it might be nice to try.  

This post reminds me I need to learn how to post polls.  Might be fun and informative!


  1. I loooooove loose leaf teas. My all time favorite is Lemon Wintergreen. I am a wimp though, I like my tea very light and with a bit of sugar or honey. I don't like pretty much any dark teas. I absolutely love Chai with milk from a coffee shop too. Can't stand coffee though, and I worked at a coffee shop for about 7 years - so I tried every kind out there!

  2. I drink both but absolutely prefer coffee. Favorite coffee drink is an iced americano with skim milk. Basically its a couple shots of espresso with water and skim milk over ice. As for tea, I'm pretty simple I just try random stuff from the store :D

  3. I've recently been drinking both since after living in India. Yeah, you would think I drink their awesome tea! So happy that I've got a huge bag of Assam as a gift so I'm really enjoying that the moment. I still drink coffee and use the French press but not as much as tea. While in the states I had the chance to try an Irish brand of tea called Barry's tea. I love it! And when I'm missing Paris, I can have my Harney and Sons Paris tea. Wow, you got me going there when talking about caffine!!