Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Days Down

And the whole weekend left to go!  Last night we headed to Clementine's for their happy hour which was discounted bottles of wine and house made pates.  We ordered a bottle of Maldec, both pates, and sat having a good ole time.  We still have half a bottle of wine left (they will package it up for you to take home).  But we sat and tasted liquors afterwards, including a smooth scotch, some apple brandy, and a biscotti liquor that really was like a dessert.
I have to love the globe decorative ball that has me concerned it's inaccurate.
I love the mirrors set up behind the bar, we're working on doing something similar in our dining room!

Biscotti Liquor.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  

Then today I threw on the same shirt (since I took it off last night and had worn it a couple hours.  What can I say, I was being simple.) and we headed to D.C.  My husband changed his shirt though because "You don't sweat like a man does, Kalee."  (I giggled hard at that one, folks)  
We ate lunch on the mall in between Smithsonian museums.  The one closest to us was The Museum of Natural History.  We grabbed a portobello and goat's cheese sandwich and a white bean and asparagus salad from Au Bon Pain and popped a squat.  I love sharing food with G, we're pretty good at sharing.  And while we ate a cellist was playing right in front of us.  Beautiful.  

We walked around the mall, even at one point acting like tourists as we posed with the Washington Monument in the background.  It's Earth Weekend, we picked up a free frisbee, looked at some displays and made plans to come back to hear The Roots and Sting in concert on Sunday.  We also wrote on leafs what we do to be more green to put on this cool tree.  Then we got some leaves which are actually full of seeds!

Then onto the museum, but before we stopped at tangysweet where we picked up bilberry frozen yogurt with strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries to share.  Yum!
We spent hours upon hours at the National Portrait Gallery.  Had a blast, with me coming up with life stories or commenting on the personality of the subject from what the artist captured.  
Margery Williams, who wrote The Velveteen Rabbit.  That book was part of my wedding gift to G.

Then on to dinner at Bistro D'Oc.  That will require a review post.  Good and bad, but overall I was only mildly interested in going back (and mainly for their soup).  

Mussels (I was aiming for light foods)
The fantastic brioche pudding with what we determined was bourbon (and very much so) ice cream.

Tomorrow we are gonna be lazy and work around the house.  And I'm trying to make a dijon cream sauce to pour over some leftover roasted chicken.  So if you have any recipes I would love to hear from you!  Hope your weekend is full of sunshine and making good memories!

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  1. Oh that all sounds so lovely! And I am SUPER jealous you are going to see The Roots and Sting! If I lived anywhere near there I would so be there too. :)