Friday, April 30, 2010

Kick Off

This was a start to a great weekend.  We went to Clementine's for pate and wine and ended up eating there as well.  I had swordfish for the first time and am in love.  I really could easily be a mostly pescetarian (vegetarian who eats fish/seafood).  (occasionally I would eat meat though.)  

But what made the night so great was that we sat at the bar and within 5 minutes a woman was sitting next to us and easily we jumped into conversation about food and wine that ended up being an over 2 hour convo with e-mails exchanged.  She was amazing and I kept thinking in the beginning "oh my God she sounds like me" and "we need to be friends" but who on earth actually says those things?  Me, apparently after she said something I strongly agreed with.  I told her flat out "we need to be friends."  She laughed and agreed.  

This isn't me.  I'm the outgoing shy girl.  I can be super friendly, but suck at having to make new friends, especially in a place where I know no one.  But slowly and surely I am taking leaps.  I am jumping into the crazy pool of people who sometimes turn out to be nuts.  But usually they turn out fantastic.  They turn out to be people that are fascinating and it just clicks.  

And I click my heels and realize "nevermind.  I'm already home."


  1. Girl one day we will meet and I will say those words to you, we need to be friends.

  2. I feel the same way! It's amazing how many great people there are out there.....I think it would be silly if we missed out on a great friendship just because we were afraid to reach out - and that's what I did to you at the start! Scary - yes, but oh-so-glad-I-did!