Friday, April 30, 2010

French Sort Of Day

This morning I woke up and knew immediately what I was wearing.  A red and white striped shirt, distressed jeans, my cropped black jacket and some ballet flats.  I also threw on the gold earrings I wore out with my girlfriends a couple weeks ago.  Looking in the mirror I realized, I look kinda French today.  And I love it!  (pictures to come soon, G was running late, hence my photographer was unavailable)

I'm now at Panera, had espresso and some yogurt with fresh strawberries and pecan granola.  Delish!

Fantastic morning I'm hoping the rest proves as lovely.  

*On a French note has anyone used the Rosetta Stone program?  We're getting ready to purchase a 5 level set and thought I would see if anyone has used it for any language and if so, how it worked for them.


  1. Me too - can't wait to see the pictures of your Parisienne day!

    I've never used the Rosetta Stone program, but I have been back attending classes at the Alliance de Francais now for a few months. They have so many options, but I decided to start with the complete beginner's course, twice a week, even though my proficiency test (mandatory upon starting classes) said I could have started higher.

    But I thought this would be best to start lower, as it would mean I would be 'ahead' of the class (great for those weeks where work or social life interfered and I hadn't studied!! And also letting me concentrate more on getting the pronunciation correct). It's been great as I have met lots of people who have similar interests to me and the opportunities for practising french conversation are increased! Plus the Alliance organises lots of cultural activities - French film festivals, French wine and cheese nights etc. It's been great fun!


  2. PS - let me know what you end up getting, and if it is any good! I would be interested to hear if the programs are easy to work through - and if it's easy to stay motivated to keep it up! I must admit, I didn't think I'd have the motivation to stick with it myself after the initial excitement faded.....


  3. Ethan uses Rosetta Stone for Spanish.