Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Wish List

We're not doing anything big for my birthday this year.  Maybe heading to D.C. to take in some sun and sketch a bit.  But if we were having a night out I would want this:
Paired with a leather biker jacket.  I love the idea of the floaty soft dress matched with the tougher leather.  Add some perfectly colored heels and a long silver necklace and it's perfection.  

I would kill for this necklace.  I really should set up a savings account just for it since I've been drooling over it since I first saw it well over a year ago.  I love the simplicity of it. (And I would love it in 18K gold too, but that's a damn car.)

More reasonably I would love this:  

Marine Antoinette necklace by Untamed Menagerie on etsy. 

Beeswax Pillars by Brookingham on etsy.
(we have beeswax tapers throughout our home and they have such a divine light scent.  Best thing ever, seriously.)

And the Blue Satin nail colour by Chanel.  I love the deep blue of it, without it being as black as some I own.  

I also plan on picking up a novel or three for myself as a gift.  Because honestly I've made a no gift rule for G.  There are many many things I want, but so little I need.  I've got everything essential right where I am now.  And that calmness inside is worth more than the 18K necklace or an Audi TT.  (well, it was a close call with that last one....)


  1. Wow, I love that dress. I agree on the necklace it is amazing.

  2. Hello again! I have been reading your home blog all day. You have inspired me! i will be hitting up a thrift store after work to see if I can find some more stuff for my new apt.

  3. Oooooh I love that necklace!! It's gorgeous!

    And a novel or three sounds just perfect - I need to find some time to read again.

  4. I love that dress too! If only it weren't getting onto winter here I would find some reason to justify buying it.....!!

    I really think you should set up the savings account for the necklace. Imagine how much closer towards it you would be if you had done so a year ago when you first saw it! I do this - I have a 'spoil' account. It is only for big ticket expensive items - jewellery, winter coats, handbags etc - and whatever I get from it has to pass the 'I have wanted it for a long time' category and 'will be an investment wardrobe piece'.

    My mum taught me to do this, and whilst, yes the first few times I spent so much money on one thing I felt slightly sick (!) on the whole almost everything I have bought I still have, use, look after and love - far more than I would for any cheaper substitute.

    To be truthful, I think I probably save money - or break even on this, as buying the 'frivolous substitutes' people often get when they can't get the expensive thing they want can add up. And if something is that expensive, I make sure it is good quality and will last - plus the act of saving makes sure I REALLY want it, and it isn't a purchasing whim!

    So maybe after all that I can justify buying the gorgeous dress at the top.......!