Sunday, May 2, 2010

In The Interim

Our iPhoto is acting up again and I cannot pull the pics from my birthday.  For the most part it was low key, full of lots of snuggling and time just the two of us.  And tequila.  While eating copious amounts of guacamole and salsa and later eating a lot of Mexican food at a friend's home.  It was a spicy weekend, and I am glad to have settled down and eaten some lighter foods.  

Currently G is getting me some pudding he made earlier, and he will be making me a chocolate cake tomorrow.  He had every intention of doing it today but was having a hard time leaving me alone and I told him to just do it tomorrow evening.  It's been extremely hot this weekend (in the 90's) and so I wasn't relishing him heating up our home with the oven.  

I'm still working on the list of things I want to achieve this year.  I think the hardest part has been being honest with myself about what I want, and also making sure I set realistic goals.  And some are hard to write down.  But this is my space and I plan to record it all here.  Fair warning though, it's a long list.  

I will share one goal that is to set up an account to save for some nice items for myself.  Starting with that necklace and dress I posted the other day!  The dress is affordable but I'm waiting on what size to get, and maybe I'll even get it on sale.  Every penny saved on that can go towards the necklace so it would be a win win!  

Do you save up for big things?  Anything you would love to splurge on right this second?  (boy do I have a few....dozen)  


  1. Home decor, I am tired of our home looking like we don't care. Glad you had a great birthday.

  2. Glad you guys get to spend time with eachother. I love reading lists, so bring it on!;) One good thing about living here is that I don't go shopping or see what I really really want. When I do go out then it's literature or cookbooks.
    When you say goals, well, save for some few tailored tops would be wonderful. I do put aside to buy some clothing from Esprit. I do need to revamp my wardrobe, LOL!!


    I hope you had a great day, and - despite your plans! - it was a day to be spoiled and remember.

    Yes - I save up for things in my 'spoil' account. Or in one of Marion Keyes books she calls it a "Ladies Nice Things" account. I'm not that keen on the name, but do love the idea. Currently top of my list (of oh-so-many things!) is a new winter coat (I want it to be a lovely tailored, fitted coat, that flares out to an A-line almost dress from the waist to the knee (is you google "Kate Middleton white coat" you'll see the style I am looking for). I am very picky - making sure if I am paying alot for it, then the cut, colour and style are all perfect for me!


  4. Happy Birthday (belated - whoops!). I am glad you enjoyed it! Low-key can be SO nice sometimes.