Monday, May 3, 2010

Petite Goals

In figuring out what I want to achieve this year there are some petite more "fluffy" goals.  They are mainly the types of things I used to do naturally and have for some reason gotten out of the habit of.  

* Read at least 3 books a week.  I like to read a lot, and for some reason got out of the habit of doing it as frequently.  But I have a stack of books as tall as I am, and a dozen more calling to me at the store, so I need to get right on this!

* Keep my legs shaved.  This is something some people will relate to and others will be horrified by.  But honestly if I can avoid it I do.  Our shower is tiny, hard to move around to shave in and I have come to loathe it.  But G loves my legs all silky smooth and moisturized so I'm working on it.

* Make sure my toes are polished.  This used to be a no brainer for me, I'm a girly girl.  But lately I haven't always had the time when I thought of it.

* Keep with my beauty routine I've begun.  That will be a separate post, but it's been nice pampering myself at night lately.

* Take my contacts out at night.  Every night.  I cannot tell you the last time I actually remembered to do this, it's horrible for my eyes, especially as I have dry eyes naturally.  Hopefully getting a new pair of glasses to wear at night will help with this.  

* Have an electrician come out to put some outlets in our basement so I can install the water softener.  My skin will thank me.

There are obviously more serious goals up and coming, but these are some of the simple ones that I know I can handle.  


  1. I hate it when I look down at my toes and realize they are horribly chipped and need to be redone. It happens. Frequently. I just can't seem to remember to keep up with them! But I would rather have chipped polish than none - I HATE my feet without nail polish on. Just one of those weird things. :)

  2. LOL! Whenever I move into a new place my two requirements are always a nice kitchen (doesn't have to be large but I want it neat and pretty) and a BATHTUB!! I HATE shaving in the shower and know if I didn't have a nice tub to soak in a few nights a week I too would procrastinate in the shaving department! But there is nothing like freshly shaven legs and a pedicure to make a girl feel pretty.

  3. I understand all of these goals. I agree taking care of one's self should be a high priority

  4. Kaycee, I too hate my toes without nail polish on them. I think it's odd, and I've been painting my toes since I was a little girl. It just is a little perk of being a woman.

    Eurchic, I agree! My kitchen is why we bought this place and we have a big jet spa tub on our second level. I just never think to go soak down there to shave since I've always shaved in a shower. Hmm, good idea!

    Bobbi, I'm glad, I hope you start treating yourself to some much needed relaxation!